Be the Workout Buddy You Would Like to Have

relay raceWhen you have hit a plateau or are feeling frustrated, one of the best things you can do is to focus your energy somewhere else, outside of yourself. Focusing your attention and energy on yourself, on what is not going as you would design, on those things over which you do not feel control will lead you toward depression and further stagnation.

There is benefit to trying something new, shaking things up, or re-focusing. Doing so will re-energize you and put things in perspective. When you need encouragement may be the best time for you to encourage someone else.

Some people have difficulty believing positive messages directed to them even those given to them by themselves. Sometimes it is easier to encourage someone else and share positives messages for them. You may even believe the positive things that you say and find they can be applied to you when you first direct them to someone else.

When you are feeling stuck or you have hit a plateau, use that time to focus on someone else; you will likely emerge energized and refocused. Join someone else’s workout. Send them encouragement. Be a positive voice. You may be the best support for someone else because you understand what will be most helpful and what you would appreciate. You may even be inspired by the progress you see in your friend. In return, your workout buddy will be more likely to be there for you when you need extra encouragement.

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