The Ins and Outs of the P90X Nutrition Plan

Sure, you’ve probably heard that the workouts in Tony Horton’s P90X system are tough, but what do you know about the system’s nutrition plan? When it comes to getting in shape and losing weight, we know that exercise is great for our bodies and building muscle, but you also have to eat the right foods to show off all that hard work. Here are a few more details on the diet side of this popular workout DVD system.

About the P90X Nutrition Guide

The plan includes three one-month phases, all which include small meals eaten consistently throughout the day and lots of water to drink!

1. Fat Shredder. This is the lowest-carb and lowest-calorie phase of the entire program. For the first month you’ll be eating mostly lean proteins and vegetables. Carbs are almost entirely eliminated.

2. Energy Booster. The second phase reintroduces complex carbs- up to three servings a day- to help you keep up with the harder workouts in the exercise portion of P90X. You still eat lots of protein to help those muscles rebuild.

3. Endurance Maximizer. In the final phase, you eat even more complex carbs, along with lean proteins and other reduced-fat foods. These additional carbs help you to power through the last part of the workout program and avoid plateauing.

Sample Eating Plan on P90X

Here’s what you can expect to eat in a typical day of the P90X nutritional schedule:

Breakfast: Oatmeal

Morning snack: Scrambled eggs

Lunch: Chicken breast on a green salad

Afternoon snack: Protein bar and a piece of fruit

Dinner: Grilled fish with steamed vegetables

Evening Snack: Protein smoothie

For the amount of exercise you’re doing in this program, the first month can be particularly challenging with such a low amount of carbohydrates allowed. However, as you reintroduce them into your diet in months two and three, you should be able to keep up with the workouts and still lose weight. Also, because you eat every few hours in every phase, you rarely get hungry.

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