Live With Kate Hudson: Fit, Friendly, and Frustrated!

On Tuesday morning, January 28, 2021, Kate Hudson was featured on Live With Kelly and Michael to discuss her latest movie, her famous family, her upcoming marriage and who she is rooting for during the Super Bowl. (The Broncos!)


Hudson talked about her friendship with Zach Braff, who created Hudson’s newest film, “Wish I Was Here”. Her film premiered at Sundance, and her brother and father both had work premiering at the film festival too. All in the family!  Hudson also proudly talked her two kids—Ryder and Bing. When asked about her pending nuptials with Matthew Bellamy, member of the band Muse, Hudson responded that she is not planning a big wedding or anything at all currently, reminding us that she comes from an “unconventional family.”

She also touched base on the wonderful new line of active wear called “Fabletics” in which she is a co-founder.

Kate Hudson

This was our favorite part of the interview—when she spoke about her love of fitness. The segment was even more endearing because Ripa and Hudson both consider themselves “frustrated athletes,” something we can all relate to. The ladies work out at the same gym, run into each other often, and seem to have a long-running inside joke about their exercise frustrations.

About the fitness line, Hudson says,

“This was something I really wanted to do to reach women who wanted to make different types of goals for themselves. Growing up as an athlete and playing lots of sports and dancing I had that tool that I think a lot of women sometimes really want to get into at later points of their lives. They didn’t have that sort of foundation. And I think that women, creating that sort of mind-body experience and making those goals for themselves is really important.”

She goes on to say that this is why she founded her new company to create an online community for women who want to take that step. During the after portion of the show, Hudson discussed her favorite items which include the camouflage leggings for girls and the magenta pink samana sports bra. Visit to learn more.


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