Make Your Resolutions Stick With Tips from Celeb Trainer Tracy Anderson

Here it is, January 1. It’s the beginning of a brand new year, and the day to start working on your resolutions. But after a holiday season of overindulging, and making the most of ringing in the New Year last night, you probably are less motivated than you’d like to be.

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Finding the motivation to stick with your resolutions can be difficult, but we’re here to help, along with some tips from fitness expert Tracy Anderson, creator of the Tracy Anderson Method.

Anderson’s number-one tip is to stay away from resolutions that are driven by vanity. She told People magazine, “make personal goals based on looking at yourself, recognizing something in your life that is unhealthy that you need to get in check. Look for it within and look to what it is that you really want to accomplish and then how you are going to hold yourself accountable.”

Accountability is a major part of resolution making and keeping. As you go through 2024, work on your health and fitness goals with a friend, keeping each other accountable as you go.

If eating healthier was your resolution, Anderson stresses the importance of paying attention to the foods you’re buying. She points out, “The nutritional content in an organic blueberry and a non-organic blueberry is the same, but what about the chemicals in the non-organic blueberry that your body has to deal with? It makes the nutrient content a moot point.”

Further, just because certain foods are super foods for some, doesn’t mean you have to make them part of your diet. Pay attention to what works for your health and your body.

The same can be said for fitness. Your friend, neighbor and/or coworker have taken up running, but that doesn’t mean you have to as well. Maybe you’re better suited to yoga or weight lifting or one of the many other exercise options out there.

Resolutions aren’t one size fits all. It may take you just a few months to meet yours, or it could take all year. Remember to keep a positive attitude and to put yourself first when it comes to your well-being. Even if you only accomplish a walk around the block today, you’re still on your way to making your resolution stick.

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