Medifast’s Become Yourself Campaign Puts Dieters Face-to-Face with Their Former Selves

The first month of 2023 is already winding down. How is your New Year’s resolution going? If you’ve chosen a healthier lifestyle and have stuck to it, fantastic! But the odds are against most of us following through for any extended period of time.

To really find lasting change, we have to look deep inside ourselves. In the case of the first ever national advertising campaign from Medifast, three people did exactly that, and share the experience in an innovative video series that cleverly splices together conversations between their old unhealthy and new leaner selves.

If you are able to lose weight and be healthier, what if you could have a conversation with your former self?

While many big weight loss ad campaigns are attached to celebrity endorsements, this one metaphorically turns the spotlight around on “we the people” to see how we can find inspiration within ourselves. Medifast’s “Become Yourself” series includes the stories of Kimberley Vandlen, Tina Shelley, and Joseph Garcia.

“By highlighting authentic, weight-loss stories from real people, Medifast hopes to inspire others to take the first step in the process of changing their lives and becoming the person they are meant to be,” said Brian Kagen, Medifast’s Chief Marketing Officer. “Kimberley, Tina and Joseph followed the same Medifast 5 & 1 Plan that is widely available and we are pleased to share a very real picture of the weight loss success and positive change that can be achieved.”

Over an eight-month period Kimberley lost 47 pounds, Tina lost 31 pounds, and Joseph lost 38 pounds. Take a look at Kimberley’s weight loss journey below, followed by her surreal before-and-after conversation with herself.

While Weight Watchers, Nutrisystem and Jenny Craig have the likes of Jennifer Hudson, Marie Osmond for and Valerie Bertinelli respectively pitching for them, the folks at Medifast are gambling that a contrarian approach will work for them.

“We just feel like people don’t connect as much with celebrities,” said Kagen. “Because they know that perhaps the celebrities also may have had a personal trainer or a personal chef, which normal people don’t have.”

That’s all true. But we also know that, even if we resent the amenities celebrities have that the rest of us can’t afford, we still want to be like them.

Learn more about the Medifast diet program in our review of the program that’s been around for 30 years and was named the #3 Most Popular Diet of 2023.

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