Octomom Nadya Suleman Loses 50 Pounds Without Surgery

nadya sulemanAny woman who has ever been pregnant knows how difficult it can be to lose the pregnancy weight after having one child. But what about losing all that weight after giving birth to eight little ones?

After delivering eight children, Nadya Suleman, aka “Octomom,” lost 150 pounds in just nine months, without surgery, without a personal trainer, and without customized diet meals delivered to her door. Topping the scales at 270 pounds just before giving birth in January of 2022, she is now back to her pre-pregnancy size 2 measurement.

So, how did she accomplish this amazing feat?

By following the diet that every intelligent and realistic medical or health professional has been preaching for years: Eat less and move more.

While the Octomom may not be on your favorite pseudo-celebrity list, the mother of eight does deserve some serious credit for carrying a world-record number of babies and being able to flaunt around in a bikini just a year after her brood was born.

The cover of this week’s Star magazine features Nadya in a two-piece red bathing suit. In the magazine, she discusses her inspiring transformation and credits it to eating five small protein-filled meals a day and exercising, sometimes in the middle of the night, while her clan slept. And since there was little room for working out in her home, which is overflowing with cribs, diapers, toys, bottles and changing tables, the Octomom hit the nearby 24 Hour Fitness just outside of her L.A. home to cram in strength-training and cardio exercise in the wee hours of the night.

That’s dedication.

Ironically, rumor has it that her gym membership to 24 Hour Fitness expired just a few weeks before giving birth but an unnamed benefactor, who obviously understands the benefits of exercise for physical and mental health, intervened and paid for Nadya’s membership to the gym for one full year.

Clearly, the Octomom has raised the bar on what it takes to lose the baby weight. And whether moms across the land will be inspired by her weight loss success or resent her for poking holes in their reasons for not losing the baby weight is still to be determined.

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