New Biggest Loser Trainers Cara and Brett Revealed in Biggest Loser Season 11 Week 3 Recap

Week three of Biggest Loser is when people on the show really start to “get it.” Everyone starts to figure out their workouts, their diets, and generally what is working for them. But we still don’t know what the deal is with these new trainers. They are finally revealed!

Cara Castronuova was taught to box at the age of five by her father. She has also been boxing competitively since the age of 20, winning two Golden Gloves and at one point was ranked number two in the country! She brings that fighting spirit to the Biggest Loser and hopes to help the contestants with their battle against obesity.

Brett Hoebel has been in the fitness industry for nearly 20 years. He has studied a wide range of martial arts from capoeira to muay thai, as well as holding a degree in science with double majors of biology and psychology. He believes there is a science to everything and wishes to bring this to the contestants and really shape their formula for weight loss.

I think an import scene of this episode is when the unknowns are sitting around discussing their progress so far. The yellow team calls out several other people, Q and Austin in particular, telling them now is the time to really step up their game and get things rolling. Their team needs them! As much as this may seem to hurt them, it may be exactly the push they need to be successful.

Cut to the first challenge.  The unknowns will be competing with the ranchers (with a divider between them of course) for a chance to enjoy a Curtis Stone dinner. Sounds great! The winner from each side will get to go and compete further for a two-pound advantage for their team at the weigh-in, which is huge! The challenge looks pretty simple: Balance an egg on a frying pan. Oh yeah, the BACK of the pan. The unknowns decide to launch their eggs immediately over the divider at the ranchers and let Deni win their side. Marci ends up winning it for the ranchers. They both enjoy a great session with Curtis, have a phenomenal meal and then have to guess the calories in the meal. Marci takes it with a closer guess and wins that two-pound advantage.

This week, it is Dr. Huizenga’s chance to talk to the unknowns. They seem to have just as many health issues as the ranchers. Austin, at 20 years old, is on track to be in much worse shape than his father and actually has an inner age of 44! Moses has a 49% chance of having a stroke in the next five years and is predicted to pass away by 4/23/2025. Sarah has by far the worst body fat percentage at 58%, and a huge lack of muscle which makes it all the more difficult for her. Things are not looking good, but hopefully everyone can turn it around.

Both sides are going through some pretty intense training. Lots of fight training for the unknowns and great, although brutal, workouts for the ranchers. Hannah, as another former athlete like Rulon, just seemed to lose herself after being so fit it her past and is looking to rediscover that fire she used to have for sports and being in shape. Dan and Don seem to be disengaged and several people have taken notice to this. It seems as though Dan needs to put himself out there more in order to stimulate the healing process, according to Jillian.

The ranchers get to have another challenge this week, and that is to determine who will get the only vote at the weigh in; kind of like a prize and curse at the same time. The goal is to pump water into a barrel and haul it up a hill to fill up other players’ tubs. The last one filled is the winner. They all decide that Irene should win because she is the only one there to have faced elimination and she deserves the win, so they work in unison to fill everyone else’s tubs.

The weigh in starts once again with the ranchers watching video of the unknowns weighing in. Looks like the pep talk they had worked. Austin lost 15 and Q lost an astonishing 19! Moses is up to 64 lost total!

Overall the rancher numbers are pretty good. Irene posts another good week with an 8. Aqua loses 13. Green loses 22 (Jay with a great 14). Purple loses 12. However, Arthur only loses 4, a small number for such a big guy and he thinks for sure one of them is going home unless something crazy happens with the black team. And boy does it ever! They both GAIN 9 pounds! They both claim they don’t know what happened, but you do not gain 9 pounds on the ranch unless you throw the weigh in. Impossible. It was clear someone wanted to go home. Dan expressed desire to be home with his daughter and Irene, whose father was not around growing up, grants his wish. I sincerely hope Dan will do well at home, for himself and his family.

Another crazy week from the Biggest Loser definitely does not disappoint.  This season is without a doubt one of the most insane in recent years. Tune in to see what happens next week Tuesday at 8/7c on NBC!

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