Newt Gingrich Stays Active with Golf

Newt Gingrich headshotNewt Gingrich has previously spoken in support of government incentives to encourage people to stay healthy, but what does he do to stay healthy himself? The presidential hopeful has been criticized for not maintaining a healthy weight, and has had little to say about his own food choices beyond the reported ritual of drinking a Diet Coke before debates.

However, one active pastime that Gingrich enjoys is golf, which he started playing after stepping down from his position as Speaker of the House. Before taking up the game, walking was his preferred form of exercise, and he also enjoys that aspect of golf. He has played a number of world famous courses and is a member of Donald Trump’s exclusive club in Northern Virginia. He learned much about playing golf from his wife Callista, who began playing at the age of nine.

“Had I been a golfer prior I would have been a better Speaker,” he told golf writer Elisa Gaudet, hover adding that if he had taken up golf earlier in his life it might have distracted him from his goals. Gingrich’s favorite course is Princeville in Hawaii.

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