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Work it Off: 3 Ways to Burn Off the 450 Calories in French Toast

One of my favorite breakfasts of all time is french toast. But because it’s mainly carbs and sugar—as in, lacking in protein, fiber, and most nutrients—I don’t order it all that often. But the other morning I made an exception and ordered up a plate. It was delicious. Don’t get me wrong—it was no Banana Bread French Toastbut it was still super tasty. Thick challah bread, tasty Vermont maple syrup, and lots of fresh berries on top. Yum!

french toast

Of course, this early AM indulgence cost me a fair number of calorie: 450 calories, to be exact.

How could I have burned off the 450 calories in my breakfast?


building deck

I could have helped my boyfriend build his deck for 70 minutes. (more…)

Golfers Get Into the Swing With Yoga

Unless you live in a warm climate and are lucky to golf all season long, springtime means tee time; a time to dust off the irons and get your body ready for 18 holes of swings, putts and chip shots.

Smacking the ball at high speed plus staying calm and focused during a crucial putt all take a certain amount of skill and practice to master. Power, torque, flexibility, and concentration are all key components in the game of golf, and yoga can help.

The following yoga suggestions will help your golf game. Designed to give you an advantage prior to golf season, these pointers will also teach you how you can loosen up before the game, stay calm and centered while on the putting green, and enjoy a revitalizing stretch before heading to the clubhouse.


Newt Gingrich Stays Active with Golf

Newt Gingrich headshotNewt Gingrich has previously spoken in support of government incentives to encourage people to stay healthy, but what does he do to stay healthy himself? The presidential hopeful has been criticized for not maintaining a healthy weight, and has had little to say about his own food choices beyond the reported ritual of drinking a Diet Coke before debates.

However, one active pastime that Gingrich enjoys is golf, which he started playing after stepping down from his position as Speaker of the House. Before taking up the game, walking was his preferred form of exercise, and he also enjoys that aspect of golf. He has played a number of world famous courses and is a member of Donald Trump’s exclusive club in Northern Virginia. He learned much about playing golf from his wife Callista, who began playing at the age of nine.


Get Fit with Memorial Day Weekend Activities

Memorial Day weekend is just around the corner. It’s not just a great time to bond with family and friends as we kick off the summer of 2022, but there are great opportunities to get a little exercise in as well. Since the weather will hopefully be warm and sunny wherever you are, let’s hit the outdoors and have some fun!

While the deeper meaning behind Memorial Day is to commemorate the men and women who have served our country in the Armed Forces, it’s also a time to enjoy a little outdoor fun with friends. Here are some activities you can take part in and how many calories you can expect to burn in the process:


Hitting the links is not only a nice way to get a few miles of walking in, you can get your competitive juices flowing as well (even if it’s just a matter of competing with yourself). According to a study by Neil Wolkodoff, director of the Rose Center for Health and Sports Sciences in Denver, putting in just 9 holes of golf, carrying your clubs and walking, you will burn about 700 calories. (more…)

Add Extra Exercise to Your Sports

Participating in competitive sports is always a fun way to get exercise. Today, I am introducing a series of simple sports and games with an added cardio component to target your heart rate. These sports and games can be played by yourself or with friends. Play safe and have fun!

Exercise Tennis:

Exercise tennis is a great way to peak that heart rate while having a blast. This game is designed to be played with a friend or fellow workout partner. The game is basically played just like regular tennis, but with added exercises between hits or volleys. There are two different goals to exercise tennis. One is  to see how many volleys that you and your workout companion can get in a row. The other is a competitive game and scored just like tennis. Between each hit (excluding the serve) each participant is to perform 10 repetitions of the following exercises before returning/hitting the ball over the next. (more…)

The Golf Workout

golf workoutWell, it’s definitely summer time and that means golf season is in full affect. Golf originated in Scotland in the 12th century and has been very popular ever since. I strongly believe that golf is a game of mental toughness, natural ability or skill, and a little bit of luck. I play once or twice a year so I am definitely no expert, but I have trained my share of golfers and have had great success with them. (more…)

Things To Do Instead Of Working-Out

This is kind of a crazy topic, but we all seem to get bored with the whole exercise thing. I work-out five or six days a week and sometimes I feel like I need a change or a break. So, I have made a list of some activities and the calories expended during each that can help break-up the monotony and let you expend some energy elsewhere.

These statistics are based on a 150 pound person at a thirty minute interval.

Basketball (Shooting Baskets):       153 calories

Shooting Pool:                                    85 calories

bike ride

Bike Riding (Moderate Intensity):   272 calories

Bowling:                                                102 calories (more…)