The Golf Workout

golf workoutWell, it’s definitely summer time and that means golf season is in full affect. Golf originated in Scotland in the 12th century and has been very popular ever since. I strongly believe that golf is a game of mental toughness, natural ability or skill, and a little bit of luck. I play once or twice a year so I am definitely no expert, but I have trained my share of golfers and have had great success with them.

Below is a workout routine that will help enhance your golf game and will help you drive the ball further than you ever have. The workout focuses on the major muscle groups that play a key role in the golf swing. These muscle groups consist of the core, hamstrings and quads, upper back, shoulders, and the forearms.

The core is used for strength and power while the quads and hamstrings are used to maintain good posture and prevent lower back and knee injuries. The upper back, shoulders, and forearms are used for spine and club control. I recommend performing two or three sets of 20 repetitions to increase muscular strength as well as endurance. Good Luck!!

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