Things To Do Instead Of Working-Out

This is kind of a crazy topic, but we all seem to get bored with the whole exercise thing. I work-out five or six days a week and sometimes I feel like I need a change or a break. So, I have made a list of some activities and the calories expended during each that can help break-up the monotony and let you expend some energy elsewhere.

These statistics are based on a 150 pound person at a thirty minute interval.

Basketball (Shooting Baskets):       153 calories

Shooting Pool:                                    85 calories

bike ride

Bike Riding (Moderate Intensity):   272 calories

Bowling:                                                102 calories

Frisbee:                                                 102 calories

Golf (No Cart Boys):                            153 calories

Racquetball:                                          238 calories


Sky Diving:                                            119 calories

Raking Leaves:                                    146 calories

Mowing Lawn (Push mower of course):    204 calories

Vacuuming:                                            119 calories

Ironing:                                                   78 calories

Chasing Kids (Vigorous Effort):          170 calories

Gardening:                                             136 calories

Skiing/Snowboarding:                          272 calories


Shopping (Ladies cut it out):               78 calories (Non-speed shopper)

Walking Dog:                                         119 calories

Sleeping (My favorite):                        30 calories

Eating at Texas Road House:             +700 calories (which is what I’m doing tonight)

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