Nothing Funny About Tina Fey’s and Amy Poehler’s Healthy Approach to Diet and Exercise

If you don’t usually tune into the Golden Globes, I think you should this Sunday. Tina Fey and Amy Poehler will be hosting this year’s Golden Globes and I bet the two funny ladies will be sending you into a laugh attack.

In a hilarious interview with Marie Claire, Tina joked about her exercise regimen, saying, “Some people work with a trainer, some people work with a stylist. I work with a celebrity fecalist. A fecalist is basically a person who comes and collects my stools, and then examines them to see if I’m eating right and if I should be drinking more water and what my moods should be.” Of course, Tina is kidding, so we took the time to look at her real diet and exercise routines.

Before Tina hit her late 20s, she could eat anything she wanted to without having to worry about her waistline. At the age of 29, she noticed that she wasn’t at a healthy weight like most women her age. She started Weight Watchers to learn how to eat healthier and about portion control. With the help of the program, by the time she was 35 she’d lost 35 pounds. While on set people should stay away from the actress because she eats lots of beans and kale, healthy choices for the funny lady whose weakness is white cake with white icing.

Fitting a workout into her busy schedule is tough. She is on set filming 30 Rock for 14 to 16 hours and then, naturally, wants to spend time with her family. Tina did try yoga a couple of times, but wasn’t enthusiastic about it like other celebrities. She says, “You will still diet. I’ll do grave yoga. Someone can cmd and stretch me in my grave.” Now, at 42-years old and at the top of her career, she works out with a trainer when she isn’t filming.

Tina’s best friend, Amy Poehler, doesn’t talk much about her diet and exercise routine. But, she does teach young girls to love their bodies and their physical features. The always funny Amy got serious with these words in a 2024 video.

“The earlier you learn that you should focus on what you have, and not obsess about what you don’t have, the happier you will be. You really will be happier in life if you let go of things you will never have.”

Amy most likely applied her serious quote to her workout routine after having her baby in 2024. Four weeks after having her baby, the actress made her post-baby body debut at a red carpet event. She may not have been “Hollywood” skinny, she most certainly looked healthy and glowing.

Working in the entertainment industry doesn’t mean that all celebrities are on some scary diet like the Maple Syrup Diet or the Baby Food Diet. Looking at Tina’s and Amy’s lifestyles it’s easy to see that sticking to simple workouts and healthy food has helped them stay fit for years. Maybe the funny ladies will share their diet and fitness secrets this Sunday!

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