Oikos Greek Yogurt Wins Healthiest Super Bowl Ad of 2024 [VIDEO]

Buzz is building for the 2024 Super Bowl ads before we even know who will compete in Indianapolis. Trend watchers say that pets and sex will continue to sell to the largest TV-viewing audience of the year; more people will watch than will vote in November.

While most are tuning in to watch the final football game of the NFL season, many are watching solely for the commercials. Last year, the healthiest thing about those ads was Jillian Michaels’ appearance in the GoDaddy. This year, we’ve found one healthy food item being advertised amongst a gluttonous roster of chips, beer, and soda.

Dannon’s Oikos Greek Yogurt will make its Super Bowl debut this year, and will win MVP for healthiest product advertised. With only 120 calories for a 5.3-ounce serving, there are no more ingredients in Oikos than are necessary. John Stamos will present Oikos in the commercial as “possibly the best Greek yogurt in the world,” and stats will say blind taste-testers prefer Oikos 2-to-1 against Chobani. Organic sugar, organic blueberries, organic elderberry juice, organic nonfat milk, and five cultures are all it takes to make these slender cup of yogurt.

It’s all down hill from there. Jillian Michaels will appear with Danica Patrick in another racy GoDaddy ad. This year, the pair will be seen applying body paint to an assumed-to-be nude model, Natalia Velez. Will the fitness guru’s appearance trigger thoughts of fitness and health in the millions chowing on pizza and burgers? Not likely. But we’d like to think it will. What about a spot with Jillian pointing out at the audience telling them to drop their chips and queso and give her 20 push ups before the game resumes? Would you respond? Here’s Jillian in the 2024 GoDaddy Super Bowl ad:

No Super Bowl would be complete without a Gatorade shower, half-time show, and ads from Doritos and Bud Light. Just one serving of these ads will set you back 150 calories for 11 Nacho Cheese chips and 110 calories for a single 12-ounce can of beer.

Yes, many will comment that they allow themselves this break from the calorie counting and fitness focus on this once-a-year event. We agree with that mindset. We even promote it. We practice moderation and we try to convince our readers to do so, too. However, Super Bowl is the first real test for anyone trying to stick to their resolutions, and it’s quickly followed by Valentine’s Day and Mardi Gras. It’s a food holiday month that just won’t end!

So be choosy. Yes, indulge a little, but be moderate a lot. Put out the chips and queso, but also serve a platter of fresh veggies and homemade hummus. Raise a glass with a light beer, but stay hydrated with water. And don’t fall for the marketing. At the end of the game, there’s not much from the food advertisers that you need to add to your grocery list. Unless it’s Greek yogurt.

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