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6 Must-Watch Food Ads to Look For During the Super Bowl

One of the most divisive events of the year is also one that brings the most of us together. Whether you’re a Denver fan, a Seattle fan, or neither, odds are that come Sunday you’ll be gathered around the TV to watch the Super Bowl.

watching football

Super Bowl watchers come in two kinds: the ones who watch for the game, and my people, those who watch for the commercials. It’s a storied tradition that some of the best ads of the year air during the Big Game. It’s such an important part of the experience that companies are shelling out $4 million for a 30-second spot.

With slots that expensive, you’d expect the commercials to be pretty brilliant, right? We think so, but we’ll let you be the final judge of some of our favorite food, and drink, commercials that you can look forward to on Sunday. Beware, there are spoilers ahead!

In an attempt to spark interest, several companies are releasing “teasers” for their Super Bowl ads. M&Ms parent company Mars is one giving us a glimpse of their ad, and it looks like Yellow is in a bit of trouble. Who knows what we may learn on Sunday.


2024 Super Bowl Commercial Winners: Oikos and Belvita [VIDEOS]

It’s time to kick-off the second biggest food holiday of the year – Super Bowl. Yes, this annual NFL game is more than just an event, it’s considered by most to be a holiday. There’s something in Super Bowl Sunday for everyone, whether you’re the consummate party host, the consumer of game-day food, viewer of the half-time show (this year with Madonna), or you actually want to see the Giants and Patriots make a run for the XLVI title. Then, there is that one thing that almost everyone watches the Super Bowl for, and those are the commercials.

Advertisers are said to have paid an average of $3.5 million for each thirty-second commercial, which is expected to be seen by more than 111 million viewers. Brands from categories for beer, chips, soda, and cars dominate the commercial breaks. However, this year, we were pleased to see some healthier players take the ad field.

That’s why we’ve selected Oikos and Belvita as our favorite 2024 Super Bowl Commercials. Not only are they clever, and funny – a must for any Super Bowl commercial – but they also put front and center a few healthy options that viewers can find at their grocery stores. No doubt, by tomorrow morning, they’ll be wishing they’d eaten more healthful treats at the party.

Oikos Greek Yogurt Super Bowl Commercial

John Stamos appears pronouncing Oikos as “possibly the best Greek yogurt in the world,” a claim they uphold with a 2:1 favor over Chobani in a blind taste test.

Belvita Breakfast Crackers Super Bowl Commercial

Two police offers rave about their sustained energy to do their jobs thanks to enjoying a couple of Belvita breakfast crackers in the morning.

It’s refreshing to see something advertised that isn’t catering to nor promoting our gluttonous ways. When you’re sitting almost motionless for four hours on a couch surrounded by chips, cheese dip, grilled meat and beer, do you really need constant reminders to go out and buy more of it? We think not.

Need more Super Bowl commercials? Click here to see the making of the GoDaddy commercial with Jillian Michaels, Danica Patrick, and Natalia Velez.

Greek Yogurt is No Fad Food, Dominating the U.S. Yogurt Market

Americans have found a new yogurt. According the to the numbers, Greek yogurt sales are dominating the market and look to continue that pattern.

Currently, Greek yogurt accounts for a quarter of the total U.S. yogurt market. The top two national Greek yogurt companies are Chobani and Fage, and each company is currently expanding their plants to meet the demands. Chobani produces an astounding 1.5 million cases of the thick yogurt every week. Consumers are foregoing the thinner, sometimes watery, version of yogurt for the thick creamy blends of Greek yogurt. Greek yogurt unique texture is achieved by straining off the whey, leaving a creamier yogurt with nearly twice the amount of protein of a traditional.

Many foods have been issued fad status and some of the rapid growth of Greek yogurt may be attributed to that. However, there’s a strong industry belief that Greek yogurt is here to stay. Its rapid rise to fame may speak to its predicted longevity.

In 2005, Hamdi Ulukaya bought an old Kraft Foods plant in New York state. He planned to make the type of yogurt that was common to his home country of Turkey. He didn’t feel the current yogurt in stores was being made right so Ulukaya and his company Agro-Farma began producing yogurt for companies like Stonyfield Farms and eventually, his current company, Chobani, was launched in 2024.

Oikos Greek Yogurt Wins Healthiest Super Bowl Ad of 2024 [VIDEO]

Buzz is building for the 2024 Super Bowl ads before we even know who will compete in Indianapolis. Trend watchers say that pets and sex will continue to sell to the largest TV-viewing audience of the year; more people will watch than will vote in November.

While most are tuning in to watch the final football game of the NFL season, many are watching solely for the commercials. Last year, the healthiest thing about those ads was Jillian Michaels’ appearance in the GoDaddy. This year, we’ve found one healthy food item being advertised amongst a gluttonous roster of chips, beer, and soda.

Dannon’s Oikos Greek Yogurt will make its Super Bowl debut this year, and will win MVP for healthiest product advertised. With only 120 calories for a 5.3-ounce serving, there are no more ingredients in Oikos than are necessary. John Stamos will present Oikos in the commercial as “possibly the best Greek yogurt in the world,” and stats will say blind taste-testers prefer Oikos 2-to-1 against Chobani. Organic sugar, organic blueberries, organic elderberry juice, organic nonfat milk, and five cultures are all it takes to make these slender cup of yogurt.