6 Must-Watch Food Ads to Look For During the Super Bowl

One of the most divisive events of the year is also one that brings the most of us together. Whether you’re a Denver fan, a Seattle fan, or neither, odds are that come Sunday you’ll be gathered around the TV to watch the Super Bowl.

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Super Bowl watchers come in two kinds: the ones who watch for the game, and my people, those who watch for the commercials. It’s a storied tradition that some of the best ads of the year air during the Big Game. It’s such an important part of the experience that companies are shelling out $4 million for a 30-second spot.

With slots that expensive, you’d expect the commercials to be pretty brilliant, right? We think so, but we’ll let you be the final judge of some of our favorite food, and drink, commercials that you can look forward to on Sunday. Beware, there are spoilers ahead!

In an attempt to spark interest, several companies are releasing “teasers” for their Super Bowl ads. M&Ms parent company Mars is one giving us a glimpse of their ad, and it looks like Yellow is in a bit of trouble. Who knows what we may learn on Sunday.

Pepsi is a big part of Super Bowl XLVIII, since it’s headquartered in the same part of New York as the stadium the game will be played in. The sugary soda has a massive marketing campaign based around the game, including this ad seen during the Grammys.

Junk foods aren’t the only ones with advertising slots. In a battle of the Greek-style yogurt brands, Chobani and Dannon’s Oikos will both air ads during the game. John Stamos is joined by his Full House co-stars for the Oikos spot.

Another healthy food getting air time during the game is pistachios. Stephen Colbert is the star of Wonderful Pistachios’ ads, and their not letting anything but the teaser be shown before the game.

Cheerios is bringing back its controversial (more importantly, adorable) biracial family for the Super Bowl. All we’ll say is the now GMO-free cereal has an ad that is melt-your-heart cute, and its star is just as spunky as ever.

No list of Super Bowl commercials is complete without mentioning Budweiser. They’ve got two big ads lined up. One, titled “A Hero’s Welcome,” has only been teased so far. However, the other has become a viral hit since its early release. We won’t spoil it so you can watch for yourself, but we have three words: Sad. Puppy. Face.

Happy watching!

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