Packaged Foods Falsely Marketed as Weight Loss Aids


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Special K Cereal

You’ll hear a lot about the Special K Challenge in the coming weeks. The idea is to have a bowl of cereal for two of your three meals, and even supplement with their snack products between meals, and lose up to six pounds in two weeks. However, you’re just eating a bunch of super processed foods. Special K Red Berries and Chocolatey Delight both have sugar as a main ingredient, as well as the inclusion of high fructose corn syrup. Chocolatey Delight has trans fat in the chocolate chunks, as do many of their products, like the cereal bars. This is mentioned as partially hydrogenated oil on the package labels. The protein shakes are a complicated cocktail of more than 40 ingredients with multiple food dyes, artificial flavors and corn syrup. Plus, most people will eat only cereal for breakfast and lunch, and not supplement with any of the daily required serving of fresh fruits, vegetables, or even protein.

Better Choice: Have a nutritionist favorite – Cheerios with skim milk and fresh blueberries or bananas for breakfast. Then, plan a balanced lunch.

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