Shedding for the Wedding Announces the Contestants

Sarah RueThe newest weight-loss reality show, Shedding for the Wedding, recently announced the nine overweight couples who will be working to lose weight to win the wedding of their dreams. The show will be hosted by Sara Rue, who is a weight-loss success story herself. The show premiers on Wednesday, February 23, on the CW.

Without further ado, here are the nine couples:

Team Fairy Tale

Allison, 28, and David, 26, are from Auburn, New York. They got engaged in December of 2023. Allison begins the show weighing 170 pounds and David weights 265 pounds.

Team Fun and Games

Dawn is 27 and weights 180 pounds. Adam is 30 and weighs 235 pounds. They are from Hayward, California, and have been engaged since early 2023.

Team Hollywood
Laeresa is 25 and begins the show at 212 pounds. Stephen is 24 and weighs 263 pounds. They are from Hawthorne, California and are not yet engaged.

Team Football
Austin and Laura are both 26 and got engaged in November 2023. Austin begins the competition at 260 pounds, and Laura wights 190 pounds. They are from Champaign, Illinois.

Team Greek Week
Lindsey is 23 and begins Shedding for the Wedding at 203 pounds. Chase is 24 and weights 317 pounds. They got engaged in November 2023 and are from Houston, Texas.

Team Eco-Lovers
Samantha and Brooks got engaged in January 2023. Samantha is 22 years old and weights 221 pounds. Brooks is also 22, and begins the competition weighing 315 pounds. They are from New Hampshire, Ohio.

Team Gamers
Taylor is a 23-year-old starting the show weighing 228 pounds. Peter is 28, and weighs 210 pounds. They got engaged in November of 2023 and are from Arlington, Texas.

Team Big Band
Valerie is 23, and begins the competition weighing 230 pounds. David is 27 and begins Shedding for the Wedding at 367 pounds. They got engaged in January of 2023 and are from North Hollywood, California.

Team Beach Romance
Marc is 36, and starts the competition weighing 241 pounds. Virginia is a 26-year-old who weights 179 pounds. From Babylon, New York, this couple got engaged in July 2023.

Via RealityTVWorld.

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