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Fit to be Wed: Top Tips for Helping Brides Slimdown for Their Wedding Day

June is the most popular month for weddings. With it just around the corner, brides are looking to do whatever they can to get in perfect wedding shape. Wedding planner Shannon Boone sees a lot of variation in how her brides get fit for their weddings, with a few popular standouts. “Pilates and Yoga tend to be workout staples as they [the brides] like the lean, tone results,” she said.

Brides who don’t have as much time to shape up before the wedding may find help with tips from fitness expert and owner and creator of the Burn method, Lisa Corsello. She offers some exercise tips for brides aiming to look their best as they walk down the aisle.

wedding fitness

Much of Corsello’s advice is based on the style of dress the bride is planning to wear. For the many brides who opt for sleeveless and strapless wedding gowns, Corsello suggests focusing on the biceps and shoulders, recommending bicep curls. “Target the entire bicep by changing the way you rotate the weights as you lower and lift,” she said. Start with palms facing forward and then turn the arms so the palms face upward by the end of the lift. For the shoulders, Corsello again suggests rotating the arms while lifting from just above the thighs to about shoulder height. This short arm workout can fit into almost anyone’s busy day with only 20 reps per exercise. (more…)

Shedding for the Wedding: Plan Ahead Months, Not Weeks, for Healthy Results

Last week on Live Big With Ali Vincent, we met Dominique who is getting ready for a day she’s dreamt of for years…her wedding day. Of course Dominique wants to feel amazing walking down the aisle. She also wants to jump start her new life as husband and wife in a healthy way.

Have you ever had that special occasion you wanted to lose a few extra pounds for? I certainly have…and still do. I think special occasions are great opportunities to reboot our healthy living. However, if you switch your lifestyle completely just to lose a few pounds you run the risk of returning back to your old habits and gaining all your weight back (and probably more). (more…)

Brides Look to the K-E Diet to Drop Weight Fast Before Their Wedding

Being a bride myself once, I know first-hand the pressures of looking great on your wedding day.

The hair, the nails, the make up – it’s enough to send a bride-to-be into a flurry of anxiety to try and look perfect on her wedding day. But perhaps the biggest stress a bride can endure is looking good in her wedding dress, and especially slimming down to make it fit.

Though amped up diet and fitness plans are more and more common among brides, a new diet trend for drastic, rapid weight loss has become especially appetizing to brides who are seeking to drop the pounds quickly before their big day.

It’s called the K-E Diet and requires a feeding tube to be placed down a patient’s nose and into their stomach so they can be fed a special liquid cocktail that promotes weight loss – up to 20 pounds in 10 days. (more…)

Saying “I Do” Can Cause Weight Gain

Brittany Mullins is the author of the blog Eating Bird Food, where she proves that living a healthy lifestyle doesn’t have to be boring or bland by sharing her recipes, fitness activities and tips. Having lost 20 pounds five years ago and kept it off since, she loves to inspire and motivate others by showing that small changes can create a big impact!

It has been proven that women tend to gain a considerable amount of weight after getting married. Being a woman who just recently got engaged, hearing stats like this is quite scary!

No one is certain why it happens, but some speculate that it may be due to a decrease in activity, indulging in rich meals together, eating the same amount as your man even though men naturally require more calories, eating “guy foods” like beer and pizza, skipping the gym to hang out with your honey, or even paying less attention to your weight because you’re no longer on the prowl.

Whatever the reason is, there are definitely ways to prevent it! Here are a few of my favorite tips that can help you stay on track as a newlywed:

Get physical. Stay active together by finding fun activities that you and your man enjoy! If that’s not possible, be sure to make time for yourself to stay active. My guy hates the gym, but I love it so I typically workout at the gym and he plays ultimate Frisbee, runs outside, or works in the yard.


Vera Wang Models Her Swimsuit Figure at 62

“I hope I look half that good when I’m her age” is a likely sentiment upon seeing Vera Wang stunning in a one-piece, strapless swimsuit in Harper’s Bazaar this month. At 62, the renowned designer is slender, fit, and the embodiment of health.

Wang isn’t promoting her diet or fitness regimen, instead the article focuses on the new home she purchased in LA, a place she calls ‘the yin to my New York yang.”

While the world knows her best as a brilliant wedding dress designer, there was a time when people knew her better for her footwear. Ice skates to be exact. She was a competitive figure skater in her youth. In fact, this spring she’ll be honored at the Figure Skating in Harlem Skating with the Stars benefit. Attendees will have an opportunity to skate with Wang.

It’s not clear how often Wang takes to the ice, but even if it’s a moderate hour here and there, ice skating is a serious workout that can burn 500 calories. As well, it’s a great activity for working out the legs, in particular the hamstrings and quads and you’ll also pay some attention to the back and abs. (more…)

Be a Happy and Healthy Bride on Your Wedding Day

by Kelsey Murray

Spring and summer are possibly the most popular times for a wedding. Unfortunately for many brides, along with the wedding comes a boat load of stress to look “perfect” on their big day. Sadly, this quest for perfection can be very hard on a bride’s health. Crash dieting is often the first thing that comes to mind when someone mentions a bride’s preparation for her wedding.

Aside from drastic weight loss, there are many other things that brides often do in preparation that can be unhealthy or harmful to her health. Here are some tips for avoiding some common practices that brides-to-be might not realize are putting their health in danger.

Choose your makeup carefully. Some makeup contains ingredients that can cause allergic reactions. Some symptoms might include skin redness, dryness, and itchiness. Look for makeup that is fragrance-free or made for sensitive skin and do not change makeup brands right before a big event because you do not know how your skin might react to it. If you are having your makeup done professionally, ask the makeup artist which makeup he or she uses and make sure that it will not cause you to have a reaction.


Healthy Wedding Cakes Perfect for Your Special Day

The Saturday of Memorial Day weekend is the unofficial beginning of wedding season as couples across the country take advantage of the warmer weather and higher likelihood of sunshine to tie the knot. While the onslaught of summer weddings might tickle your inner romantic, they can create a hefty dilemma for dieters. The food served at weddings is typically high in calories and fat – and that’s even before you consider the cake.

According to Frost Magazine, a piece of wedding cake can set you back approximately 650 calories – which certainly won’t help you snap into shape for the summer swimsuit season. If you’re attending a wedding as a guest it can be hard to say no to cake on someone’s special day. If you’re the bride or the groom, choosing the cake can be no easy feat: you want one that looks gorgeous, fits your wedding theme and tastes delicious. The quest for the perfect cake can be even more difficult when you want to find something figure-friendly, too.

Luckily, some clever couples have moved away from traditional wedding cake and are choosing to serve figure-friendlier desserts that will still satisfy the sweetest sweet tooth.


Royal Cocktails for Your Royal Wedding Watch Party

If you’re planning a cocktail party to celebrate the royal wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton on April 29, you’ve probably already started thinking about your menu. If you’re planning on serving libations along with your canapes, think beyond champagne and get creative with some festive cocktails.

According to Serious Eats, brown ale used to be known as “the beer of the British masses” but if you want to avoid a royal beer belly this year, opt for a lower-calorie cocktail and save the brew for after swimsuit season. We tracked down two cocktail recipes from Grey Goose that include fresh, light spring flavors so you can sip without wrecking your diet.

Whether you are watching the procession from Buckingham Palace or the comfort of your own home, toast to the bride and groom with an elegant cocktail fit for royalty.


Jessica Simpson Not Losing Weight for Wedding

Jessica Simpson with fiance Eric Johnson

By Jessie Gorges

Just in time for her wedding, Jessica Simpson has finally found a shape that she’s happy with. Her physique has yo-yo’d from sexy and slender for her 2005 role in Dukes of Hazard to a more voluptuous look, for which she was scrutinized for, when she sang at a Florida chili cook-off in 2024.

Simpson is engaged to former NFL defensive back Eric Johnson, and Simpson’s pre-wedding bliss has made her more confident about her body image.

“For most people, falling in love brings positive feelings and moods. The positive cascade of hormones and sense of well-being that accompanies falling in love can take the attention away from food and concern about one’s body and appearance,” said body image expert Sarah Maria.“Being with someone who loves and appreciates you no matter how you look can go very far in helping you develop a positive relationship with your own body.”


Let them Eat Cake: Royal Wedding Cake Recipe Revealed

Royal Chef Darren McGrady

Princess Diana’s personal chef Darren McGrady has announced that he holds the key to Prince William’s Royal Wedding cake recipe. When many are speculating about the ingredients of Chocolate Biscuit Cake, McGrady offers the true recipe in his cookbook Eating Royally that’s published by Thomas Nelson.

“I was thrilled to learn that Prince William had chosen the Chocolate Biscuit Cake recipe from my book Eating Royally: Recipes and Remembrances from a Palace Kitchen, for his wedding cake because it is also his grandmother’s favorite cake,” says McGrady.  “I used to prepare it for both of them when they had tea together.  The Queen would request the cake in the menu book for Sunday tea when she knew her grandson William would be joining her from Eton.”


Shedding for the Wedding Announces the Contestants

Sarah RueThe newest weight-loss reality show, Shedding for the Wedding, recently announced the nine overweight couples who will be working to lose weight to win the wedding of their dreams. The show will be hosted by Sara Rue, who is a weight-loss success story herself. The show premiers on Wednesday, February 23, on the CW.

Without further ado, here are the nine couples:

Team Fairy Tale

Allison, 28, and David, 26, are from Auburn, New York. They got engaged in December of 2024. Allison begins the show weighing 170 pounds and David weights 265 pounds.

Team Fun and Games

Dawn is 27 and weights 180 pounds. Adam is 30 and weighs 235 pounds. They are from Hayward, California, and have been engaged since early 2024.

Team Hollywood
Laeresa is 25 and begins the show at 212 pounds. Stephen is 24 and weighs 263 pounds. They are from Hawthorne, California and are not yet engaged.

Team Football
Austin and Laura are both 26 and got engaged in November 2024. Austin begins the competition at 260 pounds, and Laura wights 190 pounds. They are from Champaign, Illinois.