Vera Wang Models Her Swimsuit Figure at 62

“I hope I look half that good when I’m her age” is a likely sentiment upon seeing Vera Wang stunning in a one-piece, strapless swimsuit in Harper’s Bazaar this month. At 62, the renowned designer is slender, fit, and the embodiment of health.

Wang isn’t promoting her diet or fitness regimen, instead the article focuses on the new home she purchased in LA, a place she calls ‘the yin to my New York yang.”

While the world knows her best as a brilliant wedding dress designer, there was a time when people knew her better for her footwear. Ice skates to be exact. She was a competitive figure skater in her youth. In fact, this spring she’ll be honored at the Figure Skating in Harlem Skating with the Stars benefit. Attendees will have an opportunity to skate with Wang.

It’s not clear how often Wang takes to the ice, but even if it’s a moderate hour here and there, ice skating is a serious workout that can burn 500 calories. As well, it’s a great activity for working out the legs, in particular the hamstrings and quads and you’ll also pay some attention to the back and abs.

For her popularity, Vera Wang’s personal life is kept far from the public eye. For all of our sleuthing, little can be found of Vera Wang’s diet or workout habits. One look at her gorgeous figure in that swimsuit and you’ll plainly see she’s doing something (OK, a lot of things) right.

If you’re planning to wear one of Vera Wang’s wedding dresses this spring or summer, take a look at our 10-week wedding fitness plan to help you get in your best shape before your trip down the aisle.

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Image credit: Douglas Freidman/Harper’s Bazaar

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