Shedding for the Wedding: Plan Ahead Months, Not Weeks, for Healthy Results

Last week on Live Big With Ali Vincent, we met Dominique who is getting ready for a day she’s dreamt of for years…her wedding day. Of course Dominique wants to feel amazing walking down the aisle. She also wants to jump start her new life as husband and wife in a healthy way.

Have you ever had that special occasion you wanted to lose a few extra pounds for? I certainly have…and still do. I think special occasions are great opportunities to reboot our healthy living. However, if you switch your lifestyle completely just to lose a few pounds you run the risk of returning back to your old habits and gaining all your weight back (and probably more).

Why? For starters, many people think that if they eat a very limited amount of calories they will lose weight. This is true; however the problem is that your body now thinks it starving. When your body goes into starvation mode it’s natural instinct is to survive. Survival for our bodies means that they will start storing the next time there is food. We operate on a feast and famine cycle so if there are extremely lows and highs of calorie intake our bodies will get as much as it can take during the highs so that they have reserves during the lows.

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Secondly, the “lose a few pounds super quick” techniques are just another form of dehydration. Cleanses work by flushing out your system and dehydrating your body, which means as soon as your replace the water you’ve lost, you will be back where you started. It is just an instant reaction. If you have the time and money to go get a body wrap at a spa, you will lose some weight or some inches, but don’t expect to feel the same way a day later.

These quick-fix techniques are NOT AT ALL what I’m talking about when I said special occasions can be great opportunities to jump start or reboot healthy habits. I’m talking about setting a goal and implementing exercise and healthy eating choices months before, not the week before.

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