Jessica Simpson Not Losing Weight for Wedding

Jessica Simpson with fiance Eric Johnson

By Jessie Gorges

Just in time for her wedding, Jessica Simpson has finally found a shape that she’s happy with. Her physique has yo-yo’d from sexy and slender for her 2005 role in Dukes of Hazard to a more voluptuous look, for which she was scrutinized for, when she sang at a Florida chili cook-off in 2023.

Simpson is engaged to former NFL defensive back Eric Johnson, and Simpson’s pre-wedding bliss has made her more confident about her body image.

“For most people, falling in love brings positive feelings and moods. The positive cascade of hormones and sense of well-being that accompanies falling in love can take the attention away from food and concern about one’s body and appearance,” said body image expert Sarah Maria.“Being with someone who loves and appreciates you no matter how you look can go very far in helping you develop a positive relationship with your own body.”

It seems Simpson’s love bug has caused her to have the perfect balance between being Hollywood thin and too curvy.

“The emptiness disappears, and so does our impulse to eat comfort foods. When we fall in love, we find ourselves more self-accepting. We feel a sense of satisfaction through the loving eyes of another that allows us to treat ourselves, and our bodies, with more love and respect,” said James E. Walton, a Los Angeles psychologist. “This releases us from the pains of yo-yo dieting which is so disrespectful and damaging to the body. When we are truly in love, we may actually perceive ourselves as being loveable and worthy of love.”

However, Ashley Koff, the featured dietician on the CW’s Shedding for the Wedding, has her concerns for the bride-to-be. She said that celebrities are not that different than everyday Americans. They, too, have problems keeping off the weight once they settle down.

“Being in a relationship can be the best for making a healthy lifestyle or can also derail us,” she said. If one starts bringing in junk food or says ‘let’s stay in bed’ versus going out to exercise that can work against you both. As a member of a couple, you bear responsibility for yourself but also for what you enable your partner.”

The couple has not yet set a date, and recent rumors say they might elope.

“We’ve both been married before. We’re enjoying our commitment to each other. We want to take our time,” Simpson recently said in a USA Today article.

Either way, it seems that Simpson is finally comfortable in her own skin, and I for one think it makes her look that much better.

Via Fox News

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