Singer Wynonna Judd New Alli Spokesperson

wynonna juddPeople magazine is reporting that country music star Wynonna Judd has a New Year’s resolution: to tell the world about Alli. She’s signed on to act as a representative for the super-popular weight loss supplement.

Unlike her half-sister Ashley Judd, Wynonna wasn’t blessed with a Hollywood leading lady figure. Which, in this case, gives her more appeal, since regular folks can relate to her.

“People can see themselves in me and say ‘You know what? If she can do it, I can do it,'” says Judd.

She isn’t just a talking head for the Alli company, she already used the product before this deal was struck.

“This is about me picking something that I know works for me,” say Judd. “I can still plan [my work] and not feel like Alli is dictating my life as I have in the past on other programs. It fits into my schedule.”

Judd is set to release her new album, entitled Sing, on Feb. 3 and embark upon a 2024 tour.

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7 Responses to Singer Wynonna Judd New Alli Spokesperson

Oneda says:

I hope this diet works for Wyonna because she is such a beautiful person.

Jennah says:

If she is on a diet and using this Alli stuff than why did she look even fatter yesterday on TV then she did a month ago when I saw her perform. I guess since Alli paid her all that money she can go chow down on more fast food and work less. She obviously does not work out. Besides that her singing voice isn’t that great anymore she really pushes when she sings and the tone of her voice is too harsh and loud. Alot of people at her show in Decemeber said the same thing.

toriann says:

Its not about her weight in this campaign its about her health.
She is a big gal, no lie but supposedly she is making healthier meal choices. I never was a fan I always though she was pretty cheesy but ya gotta give her credit for at least trying to be healthier.
I just hope she really loses is weight & this isn’t just her way of getting on talk shows to revive her cheesy career.

Mary says:

Leave her alone. She is a wonderful person with a beautiful voice. She will lose the weight and show all of you. She is already a knockout but you just wait and see!!!

Dar says:

How can Wynona Judd say she can’t recommend something to someone that isn’t safe? Does she not know that the FDA does this and has been doing this for many many years. Take MSG and Aspartame just to mention a few.

It’s all about the money for the FDA. (Always has been)!!!!!!!!!!!!

If you want to stay healthy, first you need to consume as many whole foods as possible this day and age and you need to burn off more than you eat. This will keep you at “healthy” weight.

Anonymous says:

You are right Dar! Just look at how many drugs are so-called approved by the FDA. Then not long after people start using them you see commercial upon commercial by lawyers regarding wrongful death claims, etc.

Leah says:

Some of you people are very mean. Wynonna is a great person with a beautiful voice, even to this day. I recently saw her in concert and she was great. She has also had a very hard life, I would know, I used to live in the same projects that she lived in with her mom as a child, in Lebanon TN. As a child in the projects, and the circumstances that you have been through to even be in the projects, is traumatic. Trama causes people to satisfy themselves in many ways, and food is one of them. Drugs happened to be mine and I have free and clean from them now for 9 years. If she believes that is Alli, than Alli will work for her.

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