Stop Aging with 17 Day Diet’s Dr. Mike in Men’s Fitness

The second most popular diet of 2024 was 17 Day Diet, and the brand continues to make headlines in the new year. Since its debut in 2024, the book has grown in to a brand where you can apply Dr. Mike Moreno’s 17 Day principles to weight loss, cooking, and even slowing the effects of aging. This month, get some insight on his 17 Day Diet Plan to Stop Aging in Men’s Health Magazine.

Dr. Mike makes an appearance in the magazine’s January issue to talk about the book, but also set you up for your healthiest year yet.

Here are some of Dr. Moreno’s recommendations for prolonging the signs of aging.

1. Keep your heart healthy with exercise: As we age our hearts becomes more effective. In order for our hearts to become stronger with age, we have to do aerobic workouts. Walking, jogging, and running are just a few suggestions. Dr. Mike mentions that with the help of exercise and a healthy diet, “an older person can have the heart of a very young person.”

2. Boost your immune system: When we get older, our immune systems tends to weaken. Small changes in our diets can give the boost we need though. Eating a healthy diet packed with nutrient-rich fresh produce and lean proteins can help us get enough sleep and reduce stress, thus helping our immune systems become stronger.

3. Build respiratory capacity: As we age, each breath becomes more important. Dr. Mike says, “By the time we hit our forties, we often become breathless after racing up stairs, running to the gate to catch a flight or having sex.” However, aging doesn’t cause us to lose our breath – being around smoke and lack of exercise does. Exercising increases lung capacity, thus breathing in oxygen is easier. Furthermore, Dr. Moreno recommends maintaing a healthy weight because, “carrying extra pounds in your torso and abs make it harder for your diaphragm to expand.”

4. Maintain your digestive system: As we age our digestive system starts to disintegrate. Being physically active and eating 20 to 35 grams of fiber a day helps us digest food more easily. Also, stay hydrated because if your mouth is less dry then it will prevent hard stools.

The tips Dr. Mike shared in January’s Men’s Fitness seem to be common sense. If you are eating a healthy diet, exercising daily, and have a well-functioning body then you are ten steps ahead of aging. For more tips on how to stop aging, pick up Dr. Moreno’s book 17 Day Plan to Stop Aging. Also, find his recipes exclusively on the Food On The Table iPhone App.

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