Strengthen Your Core and Stomach with the Core Fitness App

Core FitnessThere are many benefits to having strong core muscles. Not only are these muscles important for balance and stability, but they also support the movements of the leg and arms while preventing injury.

Core Fitness is a new iPhone app that can help you strengthen this area. It uses a 40-minutes workout comprised of yoga stretches and resistance training exercised that work your upper legs, hips, buttocks, back, abs and shoulders. The creators of the app promise that you can see results by doing this workout just three or four times per week.

The app features clear instructions, photos and videos to show you each move. There are also modifications to each exercise, so you can make it more or less challenging. If you don’t have time for the 40-minute workout, just pick a few exercises. You will need some minimal equipment to do some of the exercises in Core Fitness’ workout, including a balance ball, a medicine ball and set of dumbbells.

Get the Core Fitness iPhone App here!

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