Susan Lucci’s Workout on Rachael Ray

Susan Lucci uses the Malibu Pilates Chair for workouts.

Susan Lucci uses the Malibu Pilates Chair for workouts.

Susan Lucci appeared on two television shows yesterday- All My Children, where she’s played Erica Kane for 40 years, and Rachael Ray, where she told the audience her fitness secrets.

It’s not really news that she’s a petite and trim woman, but she works hard to maintain that figure. She says during Dancing with the Stars, where she had practices throughout the week and two performances, her dance instructor encouraged her to eat 3,000 calories each day. “I got to eat everything that wasn’t nailed down,” she said. The trade-off was that Lucci had to get into what might be the best shape of her life to compete. She learned the dancer’s strength training tool – pilates. She’s still using it, and said she uses a Malibu Pilates Chair. She said this approach incorporates cardio with a traditional pilates workout. She says you’ll be strengthening your core, as well as “lengthening, toning, sculpting really long, sexy lean muscles.”

You can see Susan Lucci on the Home Shopping Network February 2.

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  1. Heather says:

    Since I’m pretty petite like Susan, I love to hear how other smaller women stay in shape. Susan always looks amazing and I can’t believe she got to eat 3,000 calories a day on DWTS!

    Great post!

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