Taco Bell Runs “Truth” Ads Against Fake-Beef Lawsuit

fast food logoIn response to the lawsuit filed by a Montgomery law firm claiming that their seasoned beef contains less than 35 percent actual meat, Taco Bell is firing back with full-page “Truth” ads. The full-page print ads ran in newspapers around the country, with the provocative headline “Thank you for suing us.” The ads claim to tell the real truth about the beef used in Taco Bell’s tacos, burritos and other items, insisting that their seasoned beef contains 88 percent beef and 12 percent “Secret Recipe.”

The secret recipe isn’t so secret (as the ad also points out), and the ingredients in that 12 percent are also printed in the ad. Taco Bell says these extra ingredients add flavor, and “enhance” the product. We’re still leery of the number of additives in the beef alone, not to mention the taco shell and toppings.

The lawsuit has been a media relations disaster for the fast food chain. “What we had to do is get people’s attention,” said Taco Bell President Greg Creed. “We believe that we’ve been falsely accused, that our reputation is being tarnished, and we wanted to jolt people to pay attention to the ad because we believe the facts speak for themselves.”

The firm that filed the lawsuit has not publicly responded to the ads, saying that the suit should be tried by a court, not the media.

Via USA Today.

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