ShiftCon Proves GMO Shift is Already Happening

“Shift Happens.” That’s the message Leah Segedie wants to get across with the ShiftCon Eco Wellness Social Media Conference. Thanks to her and some of the other ShiftCon bloggers, shift is already happening.

ShiftCon 2014

The past year has already seen brands announce they are reformulating their products to go GMO free. They include:

  • Dole
  • Kashi
  • Barbaras
  • Chipotle
  • Cheerios

Cheerios and Chipotle have made their shifts to GMO-free products fairly well-known, but other brands are doing it a little more quietly. Segedie added ShiftCon bloggers are looking at big brands including Kellogg’s, General Mills, PepsiCo, as well as specific products within certain company’s line.

“Over the past year, ShiftCon bloggers were involved with the GMOInside Cheerios campaign which resulted in Cheerios reformulating to non-GMO,” Segedie said. “Bloggers were also involved in a campaign called #GMODairy with GMOInside that educated consumers on how the vast majority of dairy cows receive GMO feed and that ultimately resulted in Chobani being dropped from Whole Foods.” (Whole Foods now says the split wasn’t about GMOs.)


With that much shift already happening before the conference has even been held, we’re looking forward to all the good that will come out of the event itself. We’re happy to be involved with a great event like ShiftCon. is a media sponsor for the conference, and our own Brandi Koskie will be speaking.

Those who attend will have major say in the direction ShiftCon takes in the next year: “During ShiftCon, a Town Hall meeting is planned where we are going to collectively decide which issues we all want to tackle as an organized group,” Segedie shared.

This year has been all about GMOs and hopefully removing them for good from some of the most popular products on grocery shelves and restaurant counters today. Though there’s already been quite a bit of success in that area, Segedie says the ShiftCon bloggers aren’t done yet.

“As for the future, ShiftCon bloggers will continue to advocate for our food supply, air, water, and soil because it directly impacts our wellness and public health. ShiftCon will be used as a platform to organize, educate, and energize bloggers so we can continue our effectiveness in changing the food supply through social media.”

For more information about the conference, to express your interest in speaking, or to register to attend, visit

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