The Real Way to Cure a Hangover

The New Year’s celebration is one of the biggest in the world. For many, the revelry involves alcohol, and lots of it. But when a new day (and year) dawns, party goers often feel the aftereffects of their festivities in the form of a nasty hangover.

If this is your predicament, don’t reach for greasy foods, caffeine, or medications, which can worsen the effects of alcohol on your body. Use these natural remedies instead for a fast and healthy hangover recovery.

1. Water

One of the most tried-and-true, widely recognized remedies for too much alcohol is to drink lots of water. Many hangover remedies sound strange and follow bad logic, and will probably not do any good, but this simple tip makes sense. Water will dilute the alcohol in your body, minimize alcohol’s dehydrating effect on your body, and flush out toxins. Try to stay hydrated before, during, and after drinking and its negative effects will diminish considerably.

2. Fruit and fruit juice

Once you’re properly hydrated, start replenishing the vitamins you’ve lost and get your blood sugar back to normal with a tall glass of juice. Orange or tomato juice will replenish lost vitamins and contain natural sugars to help your body metabolize alcohol faster. Bananas are great for restoring depleted potassium levels associated with overindulging, and they have magnesium, beneficial for headaches. If you don’t have any fruit juice, down a Gatorade or other electrolyte-containing sports drink.

3. Ginger

Ginger has been used for centuries as an aid for motion sickness, nausea, and vomiting. Brew some ginger root tea for soothing relief, or pop open a ginger ale for a quick fix.

4. Honey on toast

The Royal Society of Chemistry promises that this morning-after breakfast is the ideal way to alleviate symptoms of a hangover. Honey works better than sugar at replenishing your body’s blood sugar levels, and it also provides vital antioxidants. “The chemistry of the remedy is the best way to undo the chemistry of the hangover,” says the society.

5. Soup

When you’re ready for a meal, a better choice than fried or greasy foods that is still comforting is a steaming hot bowl of soup. Editorial intern Samantha from DietsInReview confides, “I eat Pho to cure my hangover.” Another favorite is pancita, a spicy Mexican stew that can help flush out toxins with its sweat-inducing heat factor.

6. A brisk walk and a cold shower

Although you may not feel like standing up, much less doing exercise, going for a brisk walk can help clear your head and prepare you for the day ahead, especially if you need a quick turnaround from “incapacitated on the couch” to “showing up for work looking like a human.” A cold shower will wake you up and energize your body by increasing your blood circulation.

Nothing can actually “cure” a hangover, only time will let your body rid itself of the excess alcohol. If you can, allow yourself to rest and recover from a night of partying, but using the above tricks can also help alleviate symptoms from a hangover.

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