Tracey Mallett Says Healthy is the New Skinny for 2024

You never know what you’re going to get when you come face to face (or at least Skype to Skype) with one of the A-listers of the fitness world. They can be divas, they can be aloof, and they can even come across like one of your best friends. This is what I found in my interview with Tracey Mallett, founder of the Booty Barre that has spawned a fitness craze. It’s in relaying her job title to our viewers that set us off on the giggles. I introduced her as the founder of Booty Barre, she responded that she is often called The Booty Queen.

Spoiler Alert: We say “booty” in this interview a lot. And we laugh about it. A lot.

Tracey is a delightful Brit who is in incredible shape, a job requirement when you’re the face of your own fitness media brand. She’s a busy mom to two kids, like many of us, making the incredible shape description all the more inspiring. She has dozens of fitness DVDs that don her face and name and her spirited approach to working out. It’s clear that working out isn’t a chore for her, and she doesn’t want it to be for you either. “Find something fun that doesn’t feel like exercise,” she told us about working out.

We spoke on New Year’s Eve eve and our conversation, of course, had to go to resolutions. Tracey has three she’s working on this year.

“My resolution is the same as most people. I really need to eat more vegetables and more fruit. I have a tough time with [fruit].” Tracey also said she is going to better about planning “all my little snacks so I’m ready to go out.” Finally, her third resolution is to “Drink more water. Water, water water!”

If any one of us adopted one or all three of her resolutions, we’d all be in much better shape by this time next year.

Where we tend to go wrong in the setting of our resolutions, Tracey noted, is that we over do it and set unrealistic goals. Many people will see themselves in her description of the crowd who dive right in and start overexercising, starving themselves and becoming exhausted all too quickly. Tracey advises setting small, manageable goals.

If your goal is to tone up, or even just get a better booty yourself, then Tracey’s Booty Barre workouts are worth a shot – especially if you’re looking for something fun to mix things up. She describes the workouts as feel good exercise that works the total body; and adds that for women, the workouts, and the body you achieve through them, will make you “feel hot and sexy” and want to take control. Booty Barre is heavily based in Pilates and is low impact, making it ideal to the new year newbie crowd.

You can join Tracey on January 15, 2024 for the start of her six-week Booty Barre Bikini Challenge, being hosted at “Healthy is the new skinny,” she told us, and this online challenge will help you achieve both.

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