Tune In: Oprah and Dr. Oz Explain Why America’s Kids Are Fat

dr. oz and oprahTune in today and tomorrow (Jan. 26 and 27) to Oprah as she hosts a two-part series about the childhood obesity epidemic afflicting our country. It begins with an emotional and necessary intervention for 16 obese teens and their families. Watch as they confront the anger, pain, their parents and themselves. Oprah asks what they are hungry for, and she’s not talking about food.

Then tomorrow, Dr. Oz steps in and takes us behind the scenes in school cafeterias to show what America’s kids really are eating, hidden truths about the fast-food we feed our kids, introduces nutritional education the entire family can use, and how to pack a low-cal lunch your kids will want to take to school.

Tune In to Oprah, check your local listings for schedule.

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We watched your program today about the obese children crying out for help, and we wanted to share this drama play with you to help us reach more adults and children.

What taste good to you, isn’t necessarily good for you!” Through the play, the purpose is to bring awareness to the eating habits and chronic conditions that are derived from the less spoken sins called “gluttony”. With a combination of humor and thought provoked satire this play is sure to have you laughing in your seats, and daring never to eat the finger licking chicken, and collards with fat back that taste so good ever again!

Mrs. obesity Jones a playwriter/producer visionary poet and lyrics has been blessed along with all members of this Mrs. obesity Jones weight loss ministries. Has a great team that has supported the ministry to bring to life a drama presentation that has been sweeping the tri state area. Mrs. obesity Jones and her battle with the fat demon debut on Oct 4th 2008 special guest stars miss Alyson Williams

the weightloss minsitries has help thousands of children and adults to lose weight and feel great. Oprah we are hoping to get your attention with our interest to share with the public the drama

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