Valerie Waters on Celebrity Fitness, Postpartum Nutrition and Blissdom 2021

Valerie Waters is a celebrity trainer who has an approachable take on fitness. Also a spokesperson for California Raisins, she’s actively living a healthy life and works to help others, whether her clients or fans, do the same. She has nearly 20 years experience in the business, has worked with such names as Hugh Jackman, Jennifer Garner and Jessica Biel, and regularly appears in some of the most watched morning shows and read magazines.

We spoke with Valerie Waters about what it takes to get fit like a celebrity, how to tackle postpartum nutrition, and about her upcoming appearance with California Raisins at the 2021 Blissdom event. Her expert advice is some of the most realistic we’ve ever heard, and Hollywood or Hometown, you can apply it to your life.

Valerie on Celebrity Fitness

We asked Valerie what we can do at home to train like her clients. Her advice? You might be surprised to hear that it wasn’t expensive trainers, hours a day in the gym and fancy chef-prepared meals. Instead, it was “Decide that you want it.”

Valerie said her celeb clients aren’t any more interested in waking up early on dark and cold mornings to workout than we are, but when you make that commitment it’s no longer an option. “Then you’re not negotiating with yourself at six a.m.”

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Valerie on Postpartum Nutrition

One of the famous and fit mommies Valerie has worked with is Jennifer Garner. So what are her tips for us real-world moms who want to lose the baby weight? She says it all starts with nutrition. “You can’t wing it,” said Valerie. “If you’re ‘sort of’ doing it, you’re not actually doing it.”

Valerie wants us eating breakfast within an hour of waking up, and not something from a drive-through. Try a vegetable/egg white scramble, real oatmeal (not instant), or a power smoothie. Also, she advises that we plan ahead so that we “don’t leave our nutrition to chance,” and binge on carbs when we crash mid-afternoon.

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Valerie on Blissdom and California Raisins Red Carpet Moment Sweepstakes

You can see Valerie next leading a fitness workshop at the Blissdom 2021 event, a women’s blogging conference, in Nashville January 27. She’ll share her health and fitness tips, which involve strength training and circuits so that you can “get in, out, and done” with your workouts.

You can also visit to share your red carpet moment, and in doing so, be entered to win a trip to Hollywood with $1,000 spending cash from California Raisins!

Watch Valerie explain more.

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