What is The 1,200 Calorie Diet?

It’s generally accepted that, for most people, a 1,200-calorie-a-day diet is a good way to lose weight. While probably too low of a calorie amount for those who are extremely active or for men and women who are taller with larger builds, many people can and lose weight on a 1,200 calorie day.

The key is to select the right foods and exercises to make sure that you’re getting all the vitamins and nutrients that you need, along with improving your fitness. Notice in the meal plan that you consume most of your calories at breakfast and lunch to give you energy throughout the entire day. You also want to be sure to eat small snacks so that you never go more than three to four hours without eating.

Your 1,200-Calorie Diet Meal Plan

Breakfast: One Orowheat Thin with one tablespoon almond butter and half of a banana.

Mid-morning snack: Small handful of almonds with one large orange.

Lunch: Two slices of low-calorie whole-wheat bread with 2 ounces of low-sodium turkey breast or roasted chicken with one thin slice of cheese, one tablespoon of mustard, lots of lettuce and tomato. Also eat one apple.

Afternoon snack: Small container of plain nonfat Greek yogurt with a small drizzle of honey.

Dinner: Three ounces of skinless chicken breast that’s been grilled, baked or broiled with one cup of cooked broccoli and 2/3 cup of brown rice.

Evening snack: Delicious hot chocolate.

Your 1,200-Calorie Diet Exercise Plan

Cardiovascular: Walk for 20 to 60 minutes three to five days a week.

Strength: Lift weights for thirty minutes two to three days a week.

Flexibility: Do yoga or stretch daily for five to 10 minutes (can be done before and after workouts!).

And as is the case on any diet or exercise plan, be sure to always listen to your body. If you’re always hungry or have low energy day after day, you may want to try a higher calorie diet like the 1,400 calorie or 1,600 calorie diet!

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