Which Star Had the Healthiest Look on the SAG Red Carpet?

Most people tuned in to the red carpet special for tonight’s Screen Actor’s Guild Awards to critique and swoon over the dresses. We tuned in to scope out the healthiest looking stars. These women stand as involuntary models for women every where. We look up to them, an try to immulate the fitness regimens and diets that they follow to make them

We were once again struck by Angelina’s bone-thin frame, which we were first startled by two weeks ago at the Golden Globes. A rumored 600-calorie diet is to blame, as is her propensity for skipping meals.

Michelle Williams’ radiant glow could be due in part to her focused yoga practice. We loved her dress as much as we did her fit and healthy look.

Melissa McCarthy had one of the most beautiful looks on the red carpet, but we’d still like to see one of the funniest and most talented women in the business make changes to improve her health.

We were happy to see Giuliana Rancic look as gorgeous as ever. Her health battles in recent years, including infertility and most recently breast cancer, don’t look like they’ve taken their toll, and we’d assume she’s sticking to a healthful diet and her before-sunrise workouts she’s known for.

Kelly Osbourne was a headline-maker for years for her weight, but we were happy to see she’s maintaining her weight loss.

Not pictured, but worth a mention, is George Clooney. The actor announced he was giving up alcohol after the Globes, and he looked as handsome as always, and maybe even a little more bright-eyed.

Comment below and let us know which actor or actress had the healthiest appearance.

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