A New Year Brings 4 New Activewear Brands!

One can hardly walk outside without seeing women (and men) outfitted in workout clothing these days. At the airport, at the grocery store, at restaurants…even working professionals are leaving the house in leggings and workout hoodies. Because of the increasing acceptability of wearing activewear—even when you are not necessarily working out—more and more fashion companies, celebrities, and regular ol’ people are launching their own fashionable versions of workout clothing. Here are 4 brands to watch for:

1. Fabletics
As we recently discussed, Kate Hudson has co-founded a new line of athletic wear, Fabletics, which focuses on health, fitness, and, of course, fashion. Hudson has a feature on the site that displays her favorite outfits each month. She describes the site as a “community, a movement to help you live fit and achieve your passions in life.” The clothes are in a great price range for a working woman, including a deal on your first outfit, from $25 and up.



2. Sweaty Betty
The best thing about Sweaty Betty is its wonderful motto, which encourages women to “find empowerment through fitness.” Sweaty Betty has seven core beliefs ranging from “doing things differently” to “no one is perfect”. Though Sweaty Betty is a fitness company that has been around for about thirteen years, its first boutique opened in America (yes, they are a British company!) just a few months ago. New York boasts the first Sweaty Betty store, adorned with British trinkets, decorations, and, of course, the fitness clothing. You can shop by fitness activity of your choice, from cross fit to Pilates to the more specific “yoga statement,” “yoga pro,” and “yoga core.” Prices are quite affordable, which is always a plus.

3. “White” by Lole
Lole, a fitness brand based out of Canada, has launched a new line called “White.” What separates “White” from other activewear lines is their goal to marry high fashion with fitness. It is called “White” because the line is currently available in mostly white colors and other neutrals (beige, light pink, and black). Because of the higher fashion look, the prices do reflect that, though partial profits from the “White” line are donated to community centers. Gorgeous clothing and community efforts? A definite plus.

DDCC, which stands for Dirty Diana’s Clean Clothes, is a new activewear line designed by a woman named Diana Mitchell. DDCC is based in San Francisco and focuses on “a realistic and balanced approach” to fitness. Basically, DDCC is affordable (price range under $100) and reasonable to the “every woman athlete,” not just women with intense workout plans.

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Where can I find DDCC? Does Diana still own the company?

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