Adele Plans to be a Grammy Winner, Not a “Skinny Mini”

All eyes will be on Adele at the 54th Grammy’s tonight. The voice Americans heard from across the sea, and welcomed with open ears, took the music industry by storm in the past couple of years. Adele is nominated for six Grammy’s this year, including Album of the Year and Record of the Year. More anticipated than the awards she stands to win is her first performance since surgery on her throat late last year.

Even Adele admits, “I know I’m going to be fine. I’m a bit worried about everyone waiting to hear what my voice is going to be sounding like,” she told Anderson Cooper. “I’m nervous, but I’m more excited.”

The 23-year-old, with a voice that is wise beyond its years, has a beauty that is as striking as her songs. Like any woman with a celebrity of her stature her appearance has come under fire, but Adele just sings a little la-la-la and tunes them out. Fashion legend Karl Lagerfeld recently called her “a little too fat.”

In an interview tonight with Anderson Cooper, Adele says “I don’t want to be some skinny mini with my tits out. I really don’t want to do it and I don’t want people confusing what it is that I am about.”

Adele says she’s watched those who battle with their weight and make it a focal point of their lives, and how it breaks them down. “I don’t want that in my life,” she said. She admits to having no insecurities and doesn’t want to spend any time with those who feel the need to point them out to her.

In fact, she calls herself “proud” that she represents the majority of women.

Lagerfeld, however, sounds like he’s trying to reach out to help her. Reminding that 10 years ago he lost more than 60 pounds and has kept it off, he apologized publicly by saying, “I know how it feels when the press is mean you to you in regards to your appearance.” He then called her a “beautiful girl” and noted his anticipation over her next album.

The curvy songstress isn’t interested in becoming a Hollywood version of thin. She’s comfortable in her own skin, and has said giving thought to her weight is “petty.” As well, she’s admitted that she doesn’t like going to the gym, enjoys eating fine foods, and likes wine.

When camera lenses turn toward Adele on tonight’s red carpet and start dissecting everything from her hair and makeup to her dress and weight, remember that she’s comfortable in her skin no matter what anyone publishes about her tomorrow.

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