Betsey Johnson Uses “Real” Women on Runway

Best of Betsey Fall 2011Designer Betsey Johnson is known for her bold party dresses featuring bright patterns and lots of retro flair. Although her garments are flights of fancy, Johnson brought a down-to-earth outlook to NYC’s fashion week with a new collection of affordable apparel worn by girls of every body type.

The non-professional models are “real girls that we employ, with all kinds of body types: tall, short, wide, slim,” Johnson told Luxist. “So it’s going to be a lot of fun and very exciting.”

The show appropriately landed on Valentine’s Day, and began with the Fall 2024 Betsey Johnson collection worn by the tall, thin models who are ubiquitous at fashion week. The show’s twist came with the introduction of the Best of Betsey collection, which will include items as low as $30. The volume collection was shown on 50 employees, including store managers, regional managers, design assistants, stylists, the knitwear designer, and even the VP of Retail Operations.

We applaud this effort to show a range of body types on the runway, and hope that next time, Betsey will be bold enough to dump super-thin models altogether.

Image via New York Magazine.

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