Biggest Loser: Episode 8

Once again I am a week behind in posting my Biggest Loser episode blog. I was away from home in a Tivo-less environment and well, only got to watch it last night. At least now I don’t have to wait an entire week to catch the next one, as it will be on in nine hours!

No single episode as of yet has made me more anxious and nervous than this one. They sent everyone home. Back to the scene of the crime. The place where all their vulnerability will show, their old vices are waiting maliciously for them and the enablers can’t wait to celebrate their arrival with boxes of processed-sugar packed cinnamon rolls (like at Mark’s house).

I’d say everyone actually did alright. No one gained weight and for the most part they got in some exercise each day. Certainly not the level they were used to at the ranch, but they at least tried. I never saw any calls between Bob and his all-man blue team; but Jillian was on the phone with her black team morning, noon and night.

After 58 days on the ranch, they were reunited with their families and friends and ripped apart from those hardcore motivating trainers. The show totally set them up and without saying so created tempting situations for each one.

Dan- indulged in a glass of wine… make that two after Bob pushed the question. Got to see momma Jackie who kept him motivated.
Jay- Had to go out to dinner with his family. Felt great about the healthy choices he made, but still ended up giving his kids fried foods.
Mark- Greeted his kids by banishing sweets from the house, they were not impressed. Was a total control freak and practically babysat Jay to make sure he stayed in the gym.
Maggie- worked out with Jen’s trainer and only did two of her 15 miles. She was not impressed.
Brittany- Went to a bar with her girlfriends and only ordered a glass of water, which you could tell was very difficult. She also went to Subway and had a healthy picnic with her friend.
Bernie- Visited his favorite bakery, the named a cupcake after him. He didn’t eat it.
Roger- Just kept saying “What Would Bob Do?” Went out to eat with his family and ordered a very healthy meal. Although he held a french fry and thought it felt so good in his hand.
Paul- Tragic. The one guy who totally fell off the wagon, wouldn’t take Jillian’s calls. Ate pounds and pounds of chicken wings, guzzled soda and was never shown doing any exercise.
Kelly- They didn’t really show her. She ate right, didn’t get to exercise as much as she would have liked and never once heard from Paul.

Back at the Biggest Loser ranch, everyone nervously went through a confessional with their trainers. Overall they didn’t do too poorly. They went to weigh in and while everyone lost weight, the blue team lost an impressive 56 pounds to win with 5.67% weight lost. Huge numbers from the guys with two 16s, an 11 and a 13. Based on percentage, Jay won Biggest Loser of the Week. While the title is celebratory all in itself, it was the first time he lost more weigh than big brother Mark!

Kelly lost the most weight for her black team with a mere 7 pounds, giving her immunity. Paul showed up to elimination sporting his old yellow shirt. If the team hadn’t already felt a grudge toward him, they did now. Brittany called it a slap in the face and Kelly was equally unamused saying she was completely a part of the black team and not yellow. With Paul working to divide their team, they let him go. Paul was eliminated. And I have to say for the first time this season, I was happy with the eliminated decision.

Health-wise, Paul needed to be there. I absolutely agree with that. He’s added years to his life with the weight he’s lost. However, as soon as he went home he threw it all away and ignored everything he’d learned. He wasn’t actively trying to unite the black team. It just felt like it was justified and time.

Tonight’s episode looks like another stressor. It looks like the boys of the blue team go to Vegas- Vice City- and at some point end up in a tear-soaked apologetic group hug.

Cry of the week: All of the returns home. Just seeing them hug their spouses and kids.

Quote of the week: “Then we think your team is wrong,” from Brittany during the challenge when Roger was trying to get everyone to throw the challenge and end up in a big tie. Brittany won.

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