Biggest Loser Recap Season 9 Episode 6 with Amanda Arlauskas

biggest loser olympicsWeek six and the contestants are headed to the Olympic Training Center in Colorado! It sounds like fun and games, but they have to remember that at the end of the week there is still that dreaded weigh-in. To make matters worse, Alison tells them that not only are they competing as individuals this week, but there is also a double elimination. Whichever player loses the lowest percentage of weight will fall below a red line and automatically be sent home, and two other players will fall below the normal yellow line.

The contestants meet with many inspiring athletes, including J.R. Celski, who assist them through workouts all week, as well as challenges. The pop challenge consists of the players sliding side to side on slide boards 500 times. The top three winners get advantages in this week’s main challenge. Sam Poueu came in first, Melissa Morgan second, and Sunshine Hampton third. Their advantages were used in the main challenge, where each player had to run laps, and for each completed lap they got the opportunity to hit their opponent’s target. Once a player had been targeted five times, they were eliminated from the game. O’Neal Hampton was the last player standing and therefore won immunity.

Last chance workout was intense as the players worked with pairs figure skater, Rockne Brubaker, back in L.A. The weigh-in was intense as each player weighed in alone. Melissa Morgan fell below the red line after gaining one pound, and she was sent home immediately, while Darryl Hough and Cheryl George fell below the yellow line. For the first time this season, these two players are put through an elimination challenge to decide who will be eliminated. Wouldn’t be Biggest Loser style if they didn’t end the episode with a “to be continued…”. Not only are we left in suspense for this week, but Biggest Loser will not return until after the Winter Olympics on Tuesday, March 2.

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