Biggest Loser Takes on Parkour in Week 6

This week each team’s fate relies on the roll of the die! Only one person’s weight will count for the entire team’s weight-loss. FINALLY, this will even the playing field a bit and each team will know what it’s like to rely on just one person. Although this is good news, all I can think about is the ugly mug shot on the white dice; did I really look like that? Wow, it just takes a few weeks to see how things have changed.

Can you say Wipe out? Challenge number six for the Biggest Loser family really tested our balance – or should I say lack there of?  The mission- run across a 25’ long 6” wide balance beam to plates that display different caloric values and return it to the other side where photos of different food items stand (cheeseburger, bagel with cream cheese, Greek yogurt with berries, ravioli with meatballs, and grilled chicken with quinoa). Oh, all while two GIANT pendulums swing back and forth trying to knock you on your keister! This has to be the FUNNIEST challenge so far.

Watching Gina fly off the balance beam like a cursing blueberry made every knockout worth it! Even better was Francelina’s laughing and commentary in the background. In the end, I was able to pull off another win and receive my letters from home. This is a great prize as being cut off from friends and family was harder than I ever thought. Getting my letters from home gave me that final push I needed to fight through this week.

This had to be the BEST Last Chance Workout so far. Between the amazing aerials of Parkour and Jillian Michaels calling me a ‘workout buddy,’ I’m not sure what was more exciting. I only wish the viewers got to see more of Jillian and me taking on some of the Parkour challenges. I jumped over balance beams, swung over monkey bars, and flipped into the foam pit; thank goodness I had given myself a pedicure for this barefoot workout.

Like all weigh-ins, I was a nervous wreck. I pulled a HUGE number last week. Statistically, when a large number is pulled, a small number follows. But this time I was up against only ONE member of the Blue and Red Teams. Dolvett rolls the dice: Joe will weigh in for Red; Bob rolls the dice: Jeff will weigh in for Blue. Well crap! Joe ALWAYS pulls big numbers, and Jeff always seems to pull it off in the end. Can I make it another week? Or will Jillian and I be going home?

Joe weighs in with an eight-pound loss. I’m up next and land a six-pound loss! I have GUARANTEED a spot next week! I ask Jillian if we can go grab a drink because for the first time we do not have to worry through an entire weigh in. Jeff only lost six pounds which results in the first Blue Team loss and elimination. David was voted to go home. This is the final team weigh-in as next week we switch to individuals. Guess who gets which color!

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