Biggest Loser’s Deni and Jesse Prove Parental Love Knows No Bounds

We have only one word to summarize Deni Hill and Jesse Wornum, the week eight eliminated contestants from Biggest Loser. Classy. Not only did they, along with Marci Crozier, gain weight, a combined 12 pounds, they owned up to it. And they didn’t do it to advance their positions in the game, they did it to save “the kids,” their own and those they adopted on the ranch.

In week eight, there was a double elimination. One contestant would immediately be sent home for losing the least amount of weight, or in Deni’s case, gaining the most. In our interview, Deni and Jesse confirm that they “did talk about it” with Marci and agreed they’d throw the weigh in. Deni says “we knew who was going home,” and Jesse says “the strategy played out.”

Listen now to hear about their strategy that protected everyone else in the house, and hear them each explain their at-home regimens.

Protecting the teammates was personal. For Deni, it meant allowing her daughter Sarah more time to lose weight and become stronger and healthier so she could go home and become a mother. For Jesse, it meant protecting his son. “Arthur needed to be there, period. I could not risk that,” he said.

At home, Deni works out 3.5 to 4 hours each day, and 1.5 hours of that is with a trainer. She enjoys spin class, Zumba and body jam. She’s following her diet that she learned at the ranch and consumes about 1200 calories each day. “I’m living consistently,” she says. “I’m doing really well.”

Jesse was “envious” of Deni’s training schedule, saying he manages 1.5-2 hours each time he goes to the gym, which is six days a week. He works with a trainer three days a week and consumes 1500-1800 calories per day.

Since going home Jesse has started a walking club, now in its third week. “It’s something I’ll continue with and look forward to some great results,” he says.

Deni is busy being a grandma to her three grandchildren, one of whom was born just days before she returned home from the ranch. “It’s great to have the physical strength to keep up,” she said. “They wear me out, but the good kind!”

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