Blue Apron Meal Kits Put Dinner on the Table for $10 per Person

Survey your current subscriptions. Do any of them include food? If so, you may not be in the minority for much longer. Blue Apron, a Brooklyn-based meal kit start up, wants to ship you all of the ingredients you need for a fresh, healthy meal for less than the cost of your average takeout order – $10 per person.

Blue Apron meal “kits” are delivered once per week in a cold pack box with all the pre-portion ingredients for three meals. And we’re not talking chicken enchiladas every week. The company touts exotic ingredients and adventurous recipes, which come printed on clear recipe cards and require just 35 minutes on average. Meat and vegetarian options are available, and each meal contains between 500-700 calories per serving.

The $10 per person monthly subscription can be suspended (for vacations) and cancelled any time. A family of four would pay an average of $480 a month for the three meal delivery, but would still have to figure out meals the other four days of the week. Blue Apron tries to keep its meals as affordable as possible by buying in bulk and planning for meals on a seasonal basis.

This service is especially appetizing to New Yorkers and other urban dwellers who are mostly without cars and forced to tote groceries by hand back to their homes. The convenience alone would be enough to sway some aboard. Blue Apron currently boasts 6,000 subscribers, most of which are outside the New York area in the eastern half of the United States. And with a recent funding push of $3 million, they are hoping to take their service nation-wide.

Blue Apron is not without competition, though. The grocery service FreshDirect based in New York City already has a huge following with its ready-bake meals and grocery delivery service, all local, fresh and healthy. FreshDirect fans love how convenient the service is, and don’t mind paying the meager $5.99 and up delivery fee because of it. The only requirement is a minimum grocery order of $40.

Other meal delivery services that provide already-prepared meals include BistroMD, Diet To Go, and Freshology, but target a more diet- and weight loss-focused demographic. The cost is high, however, with Freshology charging $42.95 per day, BistroMD  $25.99 per day and Diet To Go $20.93 per day. These prices do not include fresh foods, like FreshDirect and Blue Apron.

To learn more about Blue Apron and to see if their delivery reaches your city, visit their website for more details.

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