Chinese Company Distributing Fake Rice to Townspeople

Processed foods have been taken to an entirely new level in the Chinese town of Taiyuan. It seems that a mad scientist-like blend of potatoes and plastic resin is being used to create a synthetic rice. The fake rice is created by forming potatoes and sweet potatoes into the shape of a grain of rice and then covering it in industrial resins. Very Vietnam says, “eating three bowls of this fake rice would be like eating one plastic bag.” Just a few of the words that come to mind: inhumane, unjust, intolerable.

An investigation of the companies suspected of producing the fake rice is expected but until then, their profit margins are climbing higher and higher. Consumption of the fake rice may have highly dangerous effects but the cost is so tremendously low that it continues to sell.

Recent years have proven detrimental to China’s food and safety reputation. Scandals abound but the most memorable is the melamine scare of 2024, when nearly 300,000 were affected by tainted milk and eggs. China has been unable to guarantee the safety of the country’s food supply and many are worried that the U.S. isn’t much different. Genetically modified and highly processed foods dominate our kitchens and our restaurants. Economic hardships and lack of reliable information make it difficult for citizens of the world to access wholesome food. At what point will our lives be taken more seriously? Will we ever be able to trust the food that is available for us? I could tell you how I feel about it, but I’m much more interested in hearing your point of view. What are your biggest concerns regarding the food industry?

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