Cupid Breaks Biggest Loser’s Teams into Singles in Week 7

Love is certainly in the air this week, but hearts will be broken as we take on the competition as singles. That’s right, no more teams.

What better way to start the week than with a temptation? We are placed in front of tables COVERED with delicious Valentine’s treats. Each item has a calorie count; the person who consumes the most calories wins a two-pound advantage at the weigh in AND can give another two-pound advantage to a fellow contestant. If that wasn’t enough, Alison Sweeny says, “love is blind, and you will be, too.” The lights go out and the ten-minute timer begins.

Will anyone eat? Should I eat? NO, instead I sit down and proceed to do sit-ups, leg-lifts and push-ups. I will earn those extra two pounds. The lights go on and we find that three people ate – Francelina, Alex and Jeff. By only a few calories, Francy gets the two-pound advantage and gives the extra to Alex. Did I make the right decision?

As I face Jillian, Dolvett and Bob in our next workout, I know I made the right decision. But now I’m nervous; I no longer have Jillian all to myself. We are singles now- trainers will be helping each of us. This week I get the opportunity to workout with Bob Harper. He had the BEST success with the Blue Team; maybe this could be a good change. The workout was HARD- I got my first taste of Bob’s intensity and WOW!! The best part, however, was being able to work out with Jackson and Joe. They are FIERCE competitors and it was a great motivator for me.

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The best part of this week’s challenge was the outfits! I LOVED running around in lit up neon track suits, and seeing Jackson dance was great, too! This challenge is a spin on musical chairs, but instead of a circle, we would be running around an entire arena chasing a spotlight. The last person to make it to the final spot is eliminated. The final race is between me, Joe and Francy – by a hair I pull out another win!

The prize? I get the opportunity to bring a loved one out to the Ranch and also give that to another contestant. I know how much it would mean to Gina and Mike to have their loved ones out and I knew I had to give both away. I finally got to meet Chad (Gina’s husband), Chavalle (Mike’s Wife) AND LITTLE MIKE!!

Two people will fall below the yellow line this week and one will be voted off. The weigh in starts with Francy and Alex and I need more that eight pounds to be safe… six pounds lost. I am in jeopardy. It comes down to Mike or me to join Francy below the yellow line. Mike loses ten pounds which forces him below the yellow line. This has to be the HARDEST vote yet… Mike goes home, but he goes a stronger and smaller man!

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