Don Evans Explains Weight Gain after Biggest Loser Elimination

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We haven’t investigated this admittedly, but we’re pretty sure no one has ever gained 15 pounds in two weeks on Biggest Loser. Probably not the record Don Evans was hoping to set as a contestant in season 11, but one he at least half-willingly helped create. In week four he and now-eliminated twin brother Dan Evans both gained nine pounds. Then, in week five, admitting to being home sick, Don owned up to throwing the weigh-in so he’d fall below the yellow line and go home.

Don spoke to about what it is he learned at the ranch that has helped be, what he calls, “extremely successful” at home. (Shared elimination with Larialmy Allen.)

How exactly did Don gain the weight? He “wanted an opportunity to explain.” It turns out it was the idea of partner Irene to gain water weight, a move that he says was not malice and all strategy. She confided in him that she was going to throw the weigh-in so that he could leave, knowing he was prepared to go home.

Don’s willingness to go home meant keeping the other contestants safe for one more week. As far as walking away from his coveted spot on the ranch, Don says “I don’t feel guilty whatsoever.” He says when he applied for the show he was “desperately seeking a solution to a problem I created by being fat.” He was grateful to have been selected and by that selection says that his spot “didn’t belong to anyone else.”

Since going home Don says that his experience at the ranch has helped him understand that “I can do this.” His time on Biggest Loser gave him a foundation for nutrition and health, and the “insane, brutal” workouts that Jillian and Bob put him through showed him that “it’s not going to kill me.” He’s lost more than 70 pounds and is continuing his journey in Oklahoma City, where he’s been a police officer for more than 30 years.

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