Double Elimination in Biggest Loser Season 11 Week 5 Recap

We continue last week’s episode this week. Since there was no weigh-in last week, there are going to be two people sent packing in this episode. Who will fall below that yellow line and end their tenure?

The workouts are no less intense than they were when we began the season. The unknown only have a couple days before they rejoin the ranchers and new trainers Brett and Cara are making sure to send them off with a lasting impression. At their workout, Q decided to walk off and do his own thing without telling anyone and he suffered a backlash from everyone, trainers included. They questioned his effort through this whole process. How is this going to affect him going forward? Meanwhile the ranchers are having a great last chance workout, with Hannah having probably her greatest breakthrough yet when she lets go of the fear of her old back injury with Jillian.

During the first weigh in there are some good numbers across the board, with the green and aqua teams leading the pack! Until of course it comes down to Don’s weigh in, who happens to be paired with Irene this week; they both put up a +6! Suspicious? Umm, yeah! But this time around Don FINALLY admitted to throwing the weigh in and wanting to go home. Irene also took part in honoring Don’s wishes as they both did not want Don to take up a spot on the ranch instead of someone who wanted to stay.  No need for an elimination now! Don was sent packing on the spot.

The unknowns are baaaack!!! Alison puts up both groups for a little challenge. If the ranchers lose more weight this week than last week, they are all immune! Shouldn’t be too hard considering two people gained weight. And now, the unknowns will face elimination for the first time.

The unknowns are brought into the gym for their first challenge while back at the ranch. It’s one of the Biggest Loser’s famous knockout challenges! I hate these challenges personally, because it becomes a politics game. The team that wins gets an astounding fifth week of immunity! You really can’t ask for a better prize. The name of the game is stacking weights on your opponent’s rack until they hit 500 pounds to be eliminated from the challenge. No shocker that the red team is out first after everyone questioned Q’s commitment. Yellow ends up pulling out the victory. Rulon and Justin seem like an unstoppable force at this point.

Now for the second weigh in of the evening. The ranchers are up first and need to beat their numbers from last week in order to get immunity, and they sure did! They absolutely crushed it! The unknowns have to weigh in for their first elimination. Big, big numbers across the board for everyone. Almost everyone had double digits except for two, and they pulled nines! Unfortunately you could almost see it coming: the red team falls below the yellow line. Pretty much everyone wants to send Q home, but Larialmy asks to go home instead of him as she is better prepared for it than him. Q also pleads to stay as he finally admits he doesn’t have all the answers and desperately needs to stay. The unknowns grant their wish and let Q stay.

The eliminated contestants look phenomenal! Larialmy has lost 87 pounds and has a great support system with her sisters. Don has also lost 87 pounds and was able to bring his whole family together, including his estranged son. With two more players out this week, what will next week bring? Craziness as usual! There is so much going on this season I kinda wish I was back there to experience it. Tune in next Tuesday on NBC at 8/7c to catch it!

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