Double Elimination in Biggest Loser Season 11 Week 8 Recap

The episode opens in the elimination room. The red team is still not settled from Jay‘s departure when the black team is called in for an announcement.  There will be two people eliminated this week. The team that loses the weigh in has to send someone home, as well as the lowest overall individual goes home under the dreaded red line.  Can the red team afford to lose their fourth and fifth person in a row?

The red team gets a special little treat to help combat their losing streak, one that makes me quite jealous. They get to go train at Bas Rutten’s MMA facility. I have trained MMA before and actually trained at TapouT in Las Vegas for three weeks before the finale. This style of training is what really helped me rip off the pounds when I was off the ranch. I wish we had more of it when I was on the ranch. As one can see, these are extremely brutal, high intensity workouts that helps you shed weight quick. Then, after this ridiculous workout, Bas himself comes out to greet them and to specifically talk to Rulon, who he helped train for his fight in 2004, and was glad to see that he is trying to right the ship.

The challenge for this week involves some huge balls. I’m not talking about gumption, I’m talking literally giant inflatable balls that must be bounced in the air, without touching the ground, with boxing gloves nonetheless over a 100-yard football field through the uprights. Sounds a little ridiculous, and it turns out it is. The red team figures out their rhythm very quickly while the black team has no coordination. They win 6-1. For the win, they gain a three-pound advantage at the weigh in, which is a huge advantage at this point in the game.

There is a little unrest among the black team coming off this challenge. They start to discuss realistic scenarios on what would happen if two people from their team would go home. Marci leads the discussion and says she as well as Deni are both willing to go home for their children and assumes Jesse will do the same. Jesse knows he will do the same for his own child, but says he deserves to be there more than some other people, so tensions rise to the point of Olivia walking out.

Once again, last chance workouts are relentless. Blood, sweat and tears run rampant throughout the grueling sessions. Bob and Jillian get their team sprinting to levels they never thought possible. A big breakthrough that happens on the red team when Kaylee gloves up and spars with Cara. That girl was tenacious and saw the beast she had within. I wish someone would have sparred with me on the ranch, but no one wanted to for fear of getting hurt. My motto was if you don’t get hurt, you’re not training hard enough.

Crazy, crazy weigh in. The red team is up first and pulls some good numbers with Moses leading the pack with an 11-pound loss. Unfortunately, Jen gains two which puts her in serious danger of going under the red line unless people on the black team gain weight as well. Arthur puts up a nice number for the black team, but that’s about it. Low numbers abound across the board, especially when it is the parents’ time to weigh in. They all gain weight to save their children. Marci with +1. Jesse with +3. Deni with an astonishing +8, which sends her below the red line and home immediately. Jesse is then sent home in the elimination, which is expected, being as they had discussed sending the parents home. “In this game this is the ultimate fit you can give someone, and I feel honored to be able to do that,” said Jesse about his near-voluntary exit from the game.

I’m happy as always to see the eliminated contestants doing well at home. Jesse is down to a svelte 227 pounds and is paying it forward by getting people in the community out walking every Saturday. Deni looks great down 86 pounds, and is paying it forward herself as well by helping her large family lead a healthier life. What does next week hold in store for the Biggest Loser? Only one way to find out. Watch it!  Tune in next Tuesday at 8/7c on NBC.

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