Exercise To Save The Environment

If you want to save the environment, you have the power not only in your finger tips, but in your legs as well. There’s an incredible new invention, and it’s “power to the people,” quite literally. Scientists have designed a leg brace that can harness power from your walking as a power source in place of the current less environmentally friendly methods. It’s a bit pricey at the moment. But like all new things, costs will go down.

Here’s a great quote: “We store enough energy in fat to charge a 1,000 kilogram battery.” The research has spawned a start up company called Bionic Power. It reportedly has seed money, but no venture capital just yet to produce the first Six Million Dollar Man. The idea of these becoming commonplace opens up an interesting debate. If they are as common as cell phones, will it become a moral imperative for everyone to put in their exercise for environmental reasons? Or will it just be a nice byproduct of your walking routine? Only time will tell.

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