Healthiest Menu Choices at SUBWAY

As a sponsor of The Biggest Loser and a creator of its own diet, SUBWAY is known as being one of the most health-conscious of the fast-food chains out there. But does that healthy hype live up to its nutritionals? We recently scoured the chain’s menu trying to find meals that had less than 500 calories and less than 500 milligrams of sodium, according to feedback from registered dietitian Rebecca Scritchfield and the new daily sodium recommendations. The results? Although there are some good options here, it’s surprisingly limited considering SUBWAY prominently features its low-fat menu options.

Healthiest Meals at SUBWAY

1. 6-Inch Veggie Delight with Yogurt Dannon Light & Fit. The problem with so many SUBWAY items isn’t the calories — it’s the sodium. Even without the cheese, all of the meat is extremely high in sodium and the bread is also a sneaky culprit, coming in at 410 milligrams for just a 6-inch serving of the 9-Grain Bread. So, of all of the regular sandwiches at the chain, this is the only one that meets our criteria with 230 calories and 410 milligrams of sodium. Top it with a tablespoon of the Sweet Onion Sauce and pair it with a container of Dannon Light & Fit yogurt (80 calories, 80 milligrams of sodium) and you’re good to go.

2. Veggie Delight on Flatbread with Apple Slices. With 320 calories and 450 milligrams of sodium, this meal doesn’t get you much protein, but it does give you fiber to stay full.

3. Kid’s Meal Roast Beef Sandwich with Apple Slices. If you really want meat for your meal, one option is the kid’s sized roast beef. Coming in at 200 calories and 450 milligrams of sodium, it squeaks in under our criteria. Pair it with Apple Slices for a well-rounded selection.

4. Oven Roasted Chicken Breast Salad with Yogurt Dannon Light & Fit. Made with lettuce, tomatoes, onions, green peppers, cucumbers and olives, this is a low-calorie and low-sodium option with 130 calories and 270 milligrams of sodium. Drizzle a little of your own low-sodium dressing over it to keep the sodium low, and pair with some yogurt for additional protein and calcium!

5. Chicken Tortilla Soup with Apple Slices. You can enjoy a 10 oz. bowl of chicken tortilla soup and a package of Apple Slices for just 145 calories and 440 milligrams of sodium. Bring some raw veggies or a piece of low-sodium bread from home to round out this meal.

What’s your favorite healthy meal at SUBWAY?

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