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70 More Calories in Baked Cheetos Than Crunchy and More Junk Food Hiding Behind Health Halos

I’ve often joked that the only reason baked chips are listed as healthier than their traditional counterparts is because you get less product per bag. Apparently, my jokes weren’t too far from the truth.


We’ve discovered that Baked Cheetos in particular actually have 70 more calories than their crunchy counterparts. It’s an excellent example of how “positive” branding can make a consumer assume a product is healthy, even when it isn’t.

This is what’s known as a health halo. It’s the perception that one thing is healthy or has healthy qualities because something with similar qualities is healthy. Using the Cheetos example; we know baked foods are usually healthier than fried foods, so when consumers see the word “baked” on a label, they assume the product is better for them.

Health halos aren’t limited to Cheetos. You don’t have to search the grocery shelves too hard to find other foods getting more glory than they deserve. (more…)

Subway Ditches Toxic Chemical Found in Yoga Mats. Still Widely Used, Though

After a public petition to ban azodicarbonamide, a chemical also found in yoga mats and shoe rubber, Subway has officially agreed to remove the toxin from their sandwich breads. This substance has been banned across the globe, but it’s still allowed in the U.S. and found in almost every fast food chain baked goods including Starbucks, McDonalds, Dunkin Donuts, and Wendy’s.


Azodicarbonamide is known to induce asthma, other respiratory symptoms, and skin sensitization in exposed workers and consumers. It is intended as a dough conditioner, but when baked can create the known carcinogen urethane.


A&W Fast Food Restaurants to Close in 2024

America could possibly bid farewell to an icon this coming year. The fast food restaurant chain A&W is speculated to stop serving burgers and root beer floats in 2024.

Founded in 1919, the restaurant developed the “drive in” format that remains a staple of American fast food even today. Known for its signature root beer and burgers, the company boomed after World War II and over 450 franchises were opened nationwide. However, today there are only 322 operating national stores. The company has been deemed too small to be successful. The soda manufacturing side of the business will remain untouched as Dr.Pepper/Snapple owns the container beverage version of A&W Root Beer.


Subway Lowers Sodium in Sandwiches

Did you know that Subway has more locations worldwide than McDonald’s? According to USA Today, there are 34,433 locations across the globe. Why is this significant? Well, the company has announced that it will be cutting the sodium levels in their sandwiches and with a food chain that has this kind of reach, maybe it can impact the decision making at other fast food establishments.

Subway is now offering their “Fresh Fit” sandwiches in the U.S. with 28 percent less sodium as compared to 2024 when they first started to reduce sodium levels. The sodium in its overall sandwich line will be cut by 15 percent.

In the past, the healthfulness of Subway’s sandwiches was called into question, not only for their sodium levels, but the high levels of high fructose corn syrup in the bread. (more…)

SUBWAY Fit Kits Now Available Online

Bob Harper gave out SUBWAY Fit Kits to kids on this week’s episode of the Biggest Loser, and you can give them to your kids, too.

Previously only available to teachers and educators that ordered them through the SUBWAY website, the Fit Kits were in such high demand that SUBWAY is no longer able to ship them out to schools. But fear not, because you can now download all the information straight from the SUBWAY Kids website.


Subway Overtakes McDonald’s: What It Means for Health

Subway logoThis morning, the internet is buzzing with the news that Subway now has more restaurants globally than McDonald’s, which has long been the largest restaurant chain in the world. The Wall Street Journal reports that Subway now has 33,749 restaurants worldwide, compared to McDonald’s 32,737. As many discuss the two companies strategies for expansion overseas, I found myself wondering what this means for global food culture.

Subway has worked hard to promote the idea that its sandwiches are a healthier option, from their slogan of “Eat Fresh” to their promotional campaign featuring Jared Fogle. Yet there is much to consider before you bite into a footlong sandwich.


Healthiest Menu Choices at SUBWAY

As a sponsor of The Biggest Loser and a creator of its own diet, SUBWAY is known as being one of the most health-conscious of the fast-food chains out there. But does that healthy hype live up to its nutritionals? We recently scoured the chain’s menu trying to find meals that had less than 500 calories and less than 500 milligrams of sodium, according to feedback from registered dietitian Rebecca Scritchfield and the new daily sodium recommendations. The results? Although there are some good options here, it’s surprisingly limited considering SUBWAY prominently features its low-fat menu options.


Subway Japan Grows Lettuce in Store

You might think of Subway as a more health-conscious take on fast food, but you may not think of them as being on the cutting edge. Subway Japan has opened a new store, reports AsiaJin,  called the “Subway Yasai Lab Maru Building Store” in central Tokyo. Translation? The unique store has a “Vegetable Lab” that grows fresh lettuce for its sandwiches on the spot. All the lettuces are hydroponically cultivated and pesticide free, taking local eating to the next level. (more…)

Subway Bread has More High Fructose Corn Syrup Than Whole Grains

We hear all the time that we aren’t supposed to eat fast food because of all the unhealthy ingredients, fat and calories. So instead, we’re told that Subway is the healthy alternative to burgers, nuggets and fries. We’ve watched for years as Jared Fogle, “the Subway guy,” has promoted eating at the sandwich restaurant for weight loss. And the subs are a mainstay in the Biggest Loser diet. So it should be good for us without question, right?

Well, David Zinczenko, author of the Eat This, Not That series, argues otherwise. In a short list on The Truth About Your Food at Yahoo, he lifts the veil on the ingredients label of some of our favorite foods. While there aren’t any misconceptions about other foods on the list like Doritos and Skittles, the one surprising inclusion is Subway. Namely their fresh-baked bread.

Setting the Subway 9-grain wheat in his crosshairs, Zinczenko fires at not only the lack of nutritional value, but the very poor ingredients that are used. Most health-conscious consumers probably ask for the 9-grain wheat sub as opposed to the plain-white because of the nutritional value, but his findings reveal you might as well get the white. (more…)

Jillian Michaels Urges Subway to Remove High Fructose Corn Syrup from Breads

“I told em if they take it out of their bread I’ll do a commercial for free,” said Jillian Michaels in response to learning that Subway breads contain high fructose corn syrup (HFCS).

The star trainer of NBC’s Biggest Loser, a program sponsored by the restaurant, announced that she “Had NO idea Subway had HFC in their bread til you guys pointed it out,” referring to her loyal fan base of more than 250,000 followers on Facebook.

Sign our petition asking Subway to remove high fructose corn syrup from their ingredients.

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The sandwich chain, which markets itself as a healthier alternative to fast food, has been a fixture in product placements on The Biggest Loser, a weight loss program that prides itself on teaching clean eating habits. The ranch, where contestants are isolated and go through an intense weight loss journey, restricts any foods that aren’t organic and are processed. So it’s an interesting revelation to learn that one of the show’s primary sponsors serves the contestants, and millions of customers, food with a processed ingredient that would never be permitted inside the hallowed halls of the Biggest Loser ranch. (more…)

Subway’s Jared Gains Weight and Wife

jared fogleJared, the renowned Subway pitchman who lost 245 pounds by eating low-calorie sandwiches, is getting hitched. Jared Fogle is tying the knot with girlfriend Katie McLaughlin, a teacher who Jared met while they both attended Indiana University.

Usually the need to lose weight in the months leading up to a wedding is an issue that is dominated by the brides-to-be. But this time around, it’s the groom who has some work to do. When you’re the most famous weight loss pitchman in the country, it’s hard to ignore.

As is the case with many people who battle weight issues, Jared has slipped up, recently gaining some 40 pounds. He attributes it to “not exercising as much as I should have and not paying attention to what I was eating.” (more…)