SUBWAY Fit Kits Now Available Online

Bob Harper gave out SUBWAY Fit Kits to kids on this week’s episode of the Biggest Loser, and you can give them to your kids, too.

Previously only available to teachers and educators that ordered them through the SUBWAY website, the Fit Kits were in such high demand that SUBWAY is no longer able to ship them out to schools. But fear not, because you can now download all the information straight from the SUBWAY Kids website.

Here’s what you get in your SUBWAY Fit Kit:

Teacher’s Calendar/Planner packed with classroom activities for bodies and minds.

Poster where students can sign a fitness pledge and then track their progress with stickers!

Parent/Guardian Letter that explains the program to parents and
encourages their support of their kids’ healthy choices.

The Fit Kits also used to include pedometers and stickers to motivate kids to move, which are an important part of the program. No word on whether these kits, with the pedometers and stickers, will be available to order through the SUBWAY website anytime again soon.

You can download all these great resources to get your students or kids moving through the SUBWAY Kids website.

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